A top US cyber diplomat said his Twitter account was compromised over the weekend.

Nate Fick, the inaugural US ambassador at large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy, on Saturday announced the hack of his personal account (not the government agency one) with - of course - a tweet

"Perils of the job," he added, suggesting that his sense of irony remains intact. Assuming that was an authorized tweet, of course.

Posted on: Feb 07 10:05

An ER doctor was killed after being mown down by a Lexus and then stabbed to death by the driver in an apparent road rage incident.Dr Michael Mammone, 58, was cycling on the Pacific Coast Highway, California, when he was run over by a white Lexus which sped through a red light at an intersection on Wednesday at around 3pm.


Posted on: Feb 07 10:04

Conflicting reports are circulating about whether or not Chinese Spy Balloons crossed over the USA during President Trump’s Presidency…


Posted on: Feb 07 09:56

VMware warned customers today to install the latest security updates and disable the OpenSLP service targeted in a large-scale campaign of ransomware attacks against Internet-exposed and vulnerable ESXi servers.

The company added that the attackers aren't exploiting a zero-day vulnerability and that this service is disabled by default in ESXi software releases issued since 2021.

The threat actors also target products that are "significantly out-of-date" or have already reached their End of General Support (EOGS), according to VMware.

Posted on: Feb 07 09:53

"These actions will result in a reduction of approximately 5% of the Company's workforce..." 

Posted on: Feb 07 09:22

The British Broadcasting Corporation and many other big media companies around the world have been accused of suppressing “wholly accurate and legitimate reporting” to further their economic interests via the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a joint project designed to suppress supposedly harmful disinformation. Along with the Washington Post, Associated Press and Reuters, the BBC has been accused in a Texas court of suppressing competition in the online news market, thereby depriving people of vital information about matters of legitimate public concern. These include COVID-19 lockdowns, safety information about the mRNA vaccines and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Posted on: Feb 07 09:15

A state-backed digital pound is likely to be launched later this decade, according to the Treasury and the Bank of England.

Both institutions want to ensure the public has access to safe money that is easy to use in the digital age.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the central-bank digital currency (CBDC) could be a new "trusted and accessible" way to pay.

But it will not be built until at least 2025.

Posted on: Feb 07 09:03

The company's profits more than doubled to $27.7bn (£23bn) in 2022, as energy prices soared after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Posted on: Feb 07 09:02

A review of clinical trials found that a higher intake of vitamin D pills was linked to a 15 per cent lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes in adults with pre-diabetes three years later.

Posted on: Feb 07 08:55

Multiple young, female Twitch stars were disgusted to discover their images on a Deepfake porn website earlier this month, where they were seen to be engaging in sex acts. 

They had not consented to their images being used in the footage, nor were they even aware of them. 

Posted on: Feb 07 08:52