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 The United States believes that the settlement in Ukraine should be based on UN Charter principles and new territories remaining in Russia cannot be the basis for real talks, White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said at the briefing.

"You've heard us say this over and over again, <…> nothing about Ukraine, without Ukraine. And so that's how we see this approach, and that is the consistent consensus of this administration. We all support a just peace; that is something that we all support," the Spokesperson said.

"When we talk about just peace, that must include UN principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, as I just laid out," Jean-Pierre said. "It is hard to take seriously the idea that Russia is prepared for good faith diplomacy when they are doubling down," she noted. The United States sees its task now "to keep supporting Ukraine on the battlefield so that they are in the best position. In the best position to negotiate at the table when that does occur," the Spokesperson added.

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Just two years later Speaker Paul Ryan elevated her to the Chair of the House Republican Conference. Ryan did this knowing she detested President Donald Trump as much as he did.
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Guy Verhofstadt, the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium and the member of the European Parliament, openly recognized that the anti-Russian sanction policy of the EU completely failed, the Hungarian news channel M1 said in a comment on the European lawmaker’s tweet.

"9 packages of sanctions and the effect is less than 0," Verhofstadt tweeted earlier. The European lawmaker that "frequently criticizes Hungary and its government and politicians standing for national interests, recognized for the first time over the long period that sanctions taken to break Russia down turned out to be inefficient," the M1 channel said, having showed the lawmaker’s tweet.

"We are rewarding Russia for its war against us," the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium said, citing a publication in the Politico news outlet, which had prepared a chart of trading indicators for Russia and the EU from February to August 2022. It followed from the chart that Russia had increased the trade turnover with all EU member-states, excluding Denmark, Finland and Baltic States. In particular, the trade turnover between Russia and Germany gained 33% (20.7 bln euro). The trade turnover with Poland moved up by 24% to 10.4 bln euro. "One picture says it all," Verhofstadt added.

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CBS’s “60 Minutes” welcomed the new year with a doomsday message from Paul Ehrlich, a well-known eugenicist who has called for population control due to ‘limited resources’ on planet earth.
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... in the Western news. And if they do, you will not find it. I couldn't-- my search for this piece of news in Google returned nothing. But get a load of this, granted that the whole EV development at this stage is nothing but a road to economic ruin for the US too, since one cannot cheat physics' laws.


In recent months, the US administration has also taken important steps to accelerate the energy transition with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). However, this legislation is based on a very different philosophy from the one we have favoured. It does not foresee a carbon pricing and mainly provides for important public subsidies to companies producing goods incorporating green technologies on American soil. This type of action penalises European producers in our trade relations and does not respect WTO rules. We do not want and we cannot embark in a competitive fight based on public subsidies because it would harm the world economy. The EU does not have a fiscal capacity comparable to that of the federal state in the US and adopting analogue policies to the US at member states level could fragment our internal market. We are in active discussion with the US authorities to resolve these differences of approach on this key issue.

Read the whole thing--it reads as the writing of somebody in a state of a feverish delirium. I am sure that Josep Borrell, who comes across as a complete imbecile, should thank his Alma Mater--Technical University of Madrid--which failed him in teaching fundamentals of physics and engineering as related to energy and the fraud of electric vehicles, especially for Europe which is being eaten alive by the US and is energy basket case.    

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The once prestigious, but now politically-contaminated science journal Nature, lauded Yunlong Cao as one of its top 10 scientists, “who helped shape science in 2022.”
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The Prime Minister’s spokesman just told a sceptical Lobby that it was a fact that global healthcare systems are facing significant strain and this was not unique to Britain. Though, as is often the case with the British media, it’s worth looking beyond the usual horizon of the M25.  As a winter strain hits the NHS, press coverage is awash with catastrophic headlines. The BBC repeats claims that the NHS is “on a knife edge” as The Guardian decries an “intolerable crisis” – their columnists, unsurprisingly, are clamouring for healthcare to be put on a “war footing”. The BMA has been quick to capitalise on the whipped-up frenzy, accusing the government of making a “political choice” leading to patients dying unnecessarily, as Labour pins it on “mismanagement”The Liberal Democrats are urging the government to pointlessly recall parliament early…

That the prevalence of health system pressures is a global phenomenon is borne out in the world’s headlines:

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A hate crime investigation has been opened after a “noose” made from paper towels was found in the bathroom of a Michigan Panera restaurant.
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In fact, according to a new poll, only 36 percent of likely voters think the country is headed in the right direction.
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Donald Trump Jr. is coming to a computer, tablet or phone near you.
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The European Central Bank’s decision to raise interest rates in the Eurozone is likely to lead to a collapse of the Euro and to a severe economic crisis in Italy, analysts have warned. Some described the ECB’s policy decision as “kamikaze” and said it would condemn the Eurozone to a prolonged recession. Earlier in December, the ECB announced it would be raising three key interest rates by 50 basis points from December 21.

The standard interest rate has risen from 2 to 2.5 percent, while banks borrowing money from the ECB will now be faced with a charge of 2.75 percent.

The ECB governor justified the hikes as necessary in order to bring inflation under control.

Currently, the EU has an inflation rate of just over 10 percent, caused in large part by higher energy and food prices.

Gabriel Makhlouf said the priority of the bank was to return inflation sustainably towards its 2 percent target.

However, the move has been heavily criticised by some of the leading financial institutions in the West, who are predicting a severe run on the Euro.

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Gresham, Oregon – An elderly man had part of his face and ear chewed off in a gruesome attack on a light-rail platform early Tuesday morning.
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Journalist Matt Taibbi gave the public a double-header on Tuesday - first revealing how Twitter was swarmed by the US intelligence community...

The drop includes several bombshells about how the US intelligence community, and Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), tried to force-feed the Russian influence narrative down Twitter's throat despite the fact that Twitter just wasn't seeing it.

And second, a thread on how the intelligence community started going straight to the media with lists of suspect accounts.

In the early days of the pandemic, the State Department's Global Engagement Center (GEC) was flagging accounts suggesting COVID-19 was a bioweapon, blaming the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or "attributing the appearance of the virus to the CIA," (the latter of which nobody was actually saying... it was speculation over work done at Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina).

As Taibbi further notes, the State Department also flagged accounts that retweeted ZeroHedge due to "Sinophobia" and a "flurry of disinformation" that allegedly broke out after our suspension on Twitter.

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A study that looked into the age-stratified infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID-19 among the non-elderly population has found that the rate was extremely low among young people.

The median IFR was 0.0003 percent at 0–19 years, 0.002 percent at 20–29 years, 0.011 percent at 30–39 years, 0.035 percent at 40–49 years, 0.123 percent at 50–59 years, and 0.506 percent at 60–69 years,” the study conducted across 29 countries stated. “At a global level, pre-vaccination IFR may have been as low as 0.03 percent and 0.07 percent for 0–59 and 0–69-year-old people, respectively.”

A child reacts while receiving a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at Smoketown Family Wellness Center in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., Nov. 8, 2021. (Reuters/Jon Cherry/File Photo)

The study aimed to accurately estimate the IFR of COVID-19 among non-elderly populations in the absence of vaccination or prior infection.

For every additional 10 years in age, the IFR was observed to increase by roughly four times. After including data from nine more nations, the median IFR for 0–59 years came in at 0.025 to 0.032 percent and for 0–69 years was at 0.063 to 0.082 percent.

According to the study, the analysis suggests a “much lower” pre-vaccination IFR in the non-elderly population than had been suggested previously. The large differences found between nations were pegged to differences in factors like comorbidities.

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Figures show more than a million children need treatment for serious mental health problems, including eating disorders, in the time since lockdowns were imposed in England.

NHS data analysed by the PA news agency show a 39 percent rise in a year in referrals for NHS mental health treatment for under-18s, to 1,169,515 in 2021 to 2022.

This compares with the previous year of 2020 to 2021, when the figure was 839,570. In 2019 to 2020 there were 850,741 referrals.

From 2020 to early 2022 the UK government imposed multiple COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

The England-wide data include children who are suicidal, self-harming, suffering serious depression or anxiety, and those with eating disorders.

Hospital admissions for eating disorders were also found to be increasing among under-18s.

There were 7,719 admissions in 2021/22, up from 6,079 the previous year, and 4,232 in 2019/20, an 82 percent rise across two years.

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The United States has become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas alongside Qatar.

Bloomberg reported today that the lighting fast increase in U.S. LNG shipments abroad had brought it on par with the world’s largest exporter per cargo-tracking data compiled by the news agency.

Both countries, Bloomberg said, exported 81.2 million tons of the superchilled fuel last year.

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There were riots in several French cities, almost 700 cars were set on fire, and nearly 500 people were arrested on New Year’s Eve in France.

However, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said in a statement that New Year’s Eve celebrations in the country had taken place “without any major incidents.”

The French authorities were on high alert for the end of the year, with 90,000 police officers and gendarmes mobilized across the country for New Year’s Eve, according to a statement by Darmanin.

The French politician also pointed out that New Year’s Eve 2022 showed a historic improvement in the number of vehicles set on fire, with “only” 690 cars burned nationwide. According to figures in the release, that number was 874 last year, a 21 percent improvement.

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President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is withholding 400 pages of documents about the inner workings of the Biden family business in Russia, Ukraine, and China, Colorado lawyer Kevin Evans alleged in a lawsuit.

Evans is suing the DOJ to force the agency to reveal 400 pages of documents that would reveal some of the interworkings of Hunter and James Biden’s foreign business dealings in China, Russia, and Ukraine, the Daily Mail reported. Joe Biden’s DOJ has prevented the disclosure of the documents by pretending they do not exist.

Evans demanded the documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but the DOJ has failed to provide the documents, triggering a lawsuit in March.

As a FOIA expert, Evans specifically asked that the DOJ hand over documents pertaining to “any relationship, communication, gift(s), and/or remuneration in any form” between Hunter, James, and the foreign countries.

Evans explained that the DOJ will fight the lawsuit, even though it has appeared to admit the documents exist.

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The Chinese Communist Party’s effort to blame its titanic coronavirus disaster on its own people, because they foolishly challenged the wisdom of dictator Xi Jinping’s endless lockdowns, apparently is not going well.

On Monday, the state-run Global Times took a stab at blaming “imported cases” for the tidal wave of Chinese coronavirus sickness and death sweeping across China.

The thrust of the Global Times piece was that Shanghai doctors managed to detect and contain “Omicron sub-variants BQ.1 and XBB that have been prevailing in some overseas countries.”

The “imported cases” of these mutant strains were “placed under closed-loop management” [quarantine and lockdown] and have not caused any “large-scale local transmission,” according to the Global Times, which strongly implied that other imported variants have been running amok in China.

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Far-left CNN lost 33 percent of its primetime viewers in 2022 — despite the fact it was an election year — compared to 2021, which was not an election year.

CNN also recorded its lowest demo viewership ever.


Tee hee.

CNN, a left-wing propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence, is falling fast, falling hard, but never hard or fast enough.

A.J. Katz writes:

CNN, like MSNBC, saw substantial year-over-year TV viewing losses despite 2022 being an election year. The network shed -33% win [sic] total primetime viewers,  -36% of viewers from the primetime demo, -27% in total day viewers and -34% in the total day demo vs. 2021. In fact, the network’s 122,000 total day demo average in 2022 represents CNN’s smallest demo audience ever.

“Smallest demo audience ever.” Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of smug liars.

Webmaster addition:

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday presided over the launch of a warship armed with new hypersonic cruise missiles on a training mission to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. Follow our live blog for the latest updates on the war in Ukraine. All times are Paris time 

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In times past, almost every lawmaker in Congress was sworn into office by placing their hand on the Bible but within the last two decades, more and more lawmakers are being sworn in on books other than the Bible.
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Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday that may lose his license unless he submits to mandatory “social-media communication retraining” by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, his home province’s licensing authority.

“I face public disgrace, mandatory political re-education, disciplinary hearing and potential loss of my clinical licensing for agreeing with [Conservative MP] Pierre Poilievre and criticizing our standing [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau,” Peterson said on Twitter.

According to Peterson, “about a dozen people from all over the world” submitted complaints to the CPO, alleging his views and comments “harmed people.” None of them were actual clients of his, but lied about it so their complaints would be accepted, he added.

The CPO demands that Peterson undergoes the “retraining” and submits “progress” reports, or face an “in-person tribunal” and suspension of his license to operate as a clinical psychologist.

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The FBI arrested two men for sabotaging four electrical power substations in Washington State late last month.
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“A Missouri inmate was put to death Tuesday for a 2003 killing, becoming what is believed to be the first transgender woman executed in the U.S.”
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The United States pledged $50.9 billion in military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine between the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022 and November 20.

As Statista's Anna Fleck shows in the inforgraphic belowdata from the Ukraine Support Tracker shows that, as a single country, the U.S. has provided by far the most aid to Ukraine, followed by EU institutions ($37.2 billion), the UK ($7.5 billion), Germany ($5.8 billion) and Canada ($5.1 billion). 

Infographic: Where Most Aid to Ukraine Comes From | Statista

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Why is the Biden Administration being so weak with China?
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The left is going all out on their anti-gun agenda.
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Kevin McCarthy lost the third vote for House Speaker on Tuesday afternoon with 20 Republicans voting for Rep. Jim Jordan.
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