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A Fulton County judge has been accused of giving preferential treatment to prosecutors with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office, and on Tuesday the defendants’ attorney filed a motion accusing the judge of “sabotage” that one court observer equated to full-on nuclear war.

Willis’s sweeping RICO case against rapper Young Thug and the gang Young Slime Life he is alleged to control was hit with a devastating motion by Thug’s attorney Brian Steel, wherein he accused Judge Ural Glanville of favoritism and an “attempt to sabotage the defense.”

“Judge Glanville must cease from any further contact with this case and another judge shall be assigned to hear this Motion to disqualify/recuse Judge Glanville,” the filing read according to Newsweek. “Judge Glanville cannot, in any way, oppose this Motion.”

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ABOARD THE USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER IN THE RED SEA -- The combat markings emblazoned on the F/A-18 fighter jet tell the story: 15 missiles and six drones, painted in black just below the cockpit windshield.

As the jet sits on the deck of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier in the Red Sea, its markings illuminate the enemy targets that it's destroyed in recent months and underscore the intensity of the fight to protect commercial shipping from persistent missile and drone attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

But they also hint at the fatigue setting in, as the carrier, its strike group and about 7,000 sailors close in on their ninth month waging the most intense running sea battle since World War II. That raises difficult questions about what comes next as U.S. military and defense leaders wrangle over how they will replicate the carrier's combat power if the ship returns home to Norfolk, Virginia.

Already, the carrier's deployment has been extended twice, and sailors post dark memes around the ship about only getting one short break during their steadily growing tour. Some worry they could be ordered to stay out even longer as the campaign drags on to protect global trade in the vital Red Sea corridor.

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Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican, has criticized President Joe Biden for his open-border policies, calling his administration a “failure.”

“Governor, why is it so hard to deport people who don’t belong here who kick cops, drive drunk, and steal my grandma’s Social Security number?” host Jesse Watters asked Sanders during an interview on Fox News.

“Because we have a president who absolutely doesn’t care that millions and millions of people are coming across our border illegally. He has the power to shut the border down, to stop it. He can reinstate the remain in Mexico policy. He could actually build the wall. There is a lot of things he could be doing and this simply is a complete and total failure by this administration. In the state of Arkansas alone we seized enough fentanyl in the last year to kill every single person in our entire state,” Sanders began.

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The House Ethics Committee has spoken with half a dozen women in connection with its probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz over allegations of sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, with one reportedly alleging she was paid by the far-right congressman for sex.

The female witnesses, who were also part of a since-closed Justice Department investigation into the Florida Republican, said they had received money to attend parties with Gaetz and his friend, ex-Seminole County tax commissioner Joel Greenberg — where sex and drug use took place, sources told ABC News.

Several women were shown Venmo records of payments from Gaetz by House Ethics investigators, but only one claimed that the transaction was for sex, per the report.

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Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday the Justice Department’s refusing his requests for a perjury investigation into former federal health official Dr. Anthony Fauci is proof of a two-tiered justice system following a Senate hearing on the origins of COVID-19. 

Paul, R-Ky., told The Daily Signal on Tuesday that it’s “disappointing” to see no action taken almost three years after he began demanding such a probe. His accusations stem from the former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director’s testimony to Congress about U.S.-funded virus research in China, a central topic of Tuesday’s hearing. 

Fauci testified in May 2021 that his agency never funded risky “gain-of-function” experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but Paul has repeatedly highlighted records and emails suggesting otherwise. 

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin is calling it a "breakthrough document" while Kim Jong Un is hailing the "strongest ever treaty" which will hasten the start of a "new multipolar world" — but the BBC is calling it an "ominously ambiguous commitment" between "pariahs in arms".

The two leaders on Wednesday signed a new strategic partnership which is centered on a commitment of mutual aid if either country faces "aggression"; however, details were not immediately clear and it could stop short of being a full war treaty. Putin's first trip to North Korea in 24 years has been expectedly chummy as he and Kim thumb their noses at the West and US-led sanctions.

Webmaster addition: So if the US attacks North Korea, it means automatic war with Russia!

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A recent report published by the Department of Homeland Security said that under the Biden administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection management pressured officers to allow vehicles to cross from Mexico without proper inspection.

The June 7 report, authored by Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari, said that supervisors at multiple land ports of entry pushed Border Patrol officers to only question the drivers of vehicles entering the United States and not passengers. Officers were instructed not to use “Simplified Arrival,” a biometric tool used by the DHS to “identify criminal warrants, national security concerns, or border crossing history, before admitting [individuals] into the country.” The report further noted that “DHS will remain at risk of admitting dangerous persons into the country who may pose threats to public safety and national security.”

The report sought to determine the effectiveness of DHS procedures to screen and vet asylum seekers and noncitizens seeking admission into the United States following the challenges encountered while screening and vetting refugees, specifically those from Afghanistan.

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The continuance of a gag order in former President Donald Trump’s hush money case is drawing renewed scrutiny from legal experts who charged the judge with unfairly silencing the presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

Since Trump’s guilty verdict last month, Manhattan District Judge Juan Merchan has maintained a gag order over the Republican while he awaits a sentencing hearing on July 11th, a decision that effectively freezes Trump’s ability to criticize the decision and actors. He has previously been fined $9,000 for multiple violations of the gag order. Constitutional experts and law experts believe attorneys for the former president have grounds to petition an appeals court.

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Kayleigh McEnany tore into Democrats’ hypocrisy on the Supreme Court by noting their recent efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot in the middle of a presidential election.

McEnany, a former White House press secretary in the Trump administration, spoke with former Deputy Independent Counsel Sol Wisenberg about the left’s shameless attempt to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

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America is now almost $35 trillion in debt. That means every American owes $100,000.

The Biden administration doesn't care. They want to spend more.

Already they are spending so much that they're increasing our debt by a trillion dollars every 100 days.

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Former CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza believes that CNN's rules for the upcoming presidential debate are skewed to help President Joe Biden.

On Saturday, CNN announced the rules for the June 27 debate, including: muted microphones, commercial breaks, no live audience, no opening statements, and no use of pre-written notes.

'[Biden] is older ... I do think he struggles more with these live performance kind-of-things than does Trump.'

Previous presidential debates, traditionally hosted by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, featured live audiences and did not mute candidates' microphones.

Cillizza said he is "surprised" Trump's campaign agreed to the rules because, in his view, they benefit Biden.

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President Joe Biden announced a controversial new policy on Tuesday, granting legal status and a path to U.S. residency and citizenship to over 500,000 illegal aliens who have married American citizens and have lived in the country for at least ten years. This move comes despite Biden's claims of cracking down on illegal immigration.

“This action will allow them to file paperwork for legal status in the United States, allowing them to work while they remain with their families in the United States,” Biden stated. To qualify, illegal aliens must meet the 10-year residency requirement by June 17, 2024, or wait for future amnesty programs.

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In a gutsy move last month, Jordan fired off a letter to Letitia James, demanding every scrap of information about Matthew Colangelo. Colangelo, a former employee of James, is now with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and was front and center in Trump’s New York trial, delivering the opening statements.

But Jordan’s not stopping there; he’s reached out to all of Colangelo’s recent employers, including the Justice Department and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D).

Jordan’s letter doesn’t hold back: “Mr. Colangelo’s recent employment history demonstrates his obsession with investigating a person rather than prosecuting a crime.” Bam! That’s hitting the nail on the head.

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Top House Republicans are criticizing President Biden's new executive order that's expected to shield as many as 500,000 illegal immigrants from deportation.

"President Biden’s election-year, 11th-hour ploy for mass amnesty is not surprising, but it is an important reminder for anyone who doubted: This administration was never serious about securing the border," House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green, R-Tenn., told Fox News Digital.

"By allowing otherwise inadmissible aliens to remain in the country indefinitely through a ‘parole-in-place’ sleight of hand and to receive generous, taxpayer-funded benefits, this president is sending a loud and clear message to any would-be border crosser that the door is not only wide open, there’s a welcome mat."

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With the first 2024 presidential debate right around the corner, the public is eager to find out what topics will be covered and what questions the CNN moderators will ask the candidates.

Fortunately, The Babylon Bee has obtained the following leaked list of debate questions for the upcoming CNN presidential debate:

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Just Stop Oil protesters have sprayed Stonehenge with orange paint as members of the public were seen trying to drag them away.

Video footage posted on social media showed two people, wearing white shirts with Just Stop Oil emblazoned on the front, running up to the ancient monoliths with canisters and spraying paint all over them.

In a heroic attempt to stop the group desecrating the stones, one woman was seen desperately trying to drag the protesters away before other members of the public piled in to help her.

The protesters, who were named as Niamh Lynch, 21, a student from Oxford, and Rajan Naidu, 73, from Birmingham, have now been arrested by police on suspicion of damaging the historical monument.

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The United States has for nearly 80 years seen Ukraine as the staging ground for its once covert and increasingly overt war with Russia. 

After years of warnings, and after talk since 2008 of Ukraine joining NATO, Russia fought back two years ago. With neither side backing down, Ukraine is increasingly becoming a flashpoint that could lead to nuclear war. 

The West thinks Russia is bluffing.

But its doctrine states that if Russia feels its existence is threatened it could resort to nuclear arms. Instead of taking these warnings seriously, NATO is recklessly opening corridors for a ground war against Russia in Ukraine; France says it’s putting together a coalition of nations to enter the war, despite Russia saying French or any other NATO force would be fair game. 

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Liz Harrington:

There are over 20K unsubstantiated ballots in GA’s 2020 original results from tabulators that “do not exist” according to the Rossi/ @KevinMoncla complaint.

Fulton County provided “proof” they exist.

Except their proof showed they used serial numbers for DIFFERENT machines.

There’s a word for this… Oh yes, fraud.

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The midlife overhaul and refueling for aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) will now take about five and a half years to complete – an extension of almost 14 months, according to Navy Fiscal Year 2025 budget documents.
Stennis began the refueling and complex overhaul in 2021 and was due to finish the massive, multi-billion overhaul by August 2025. However, that date was pushed to the right by more than a year to October 2026, according to the Fiscal Year 2025 budget documents released earlier this year.

Speaking to USNI News on Monday, program executive officer carriers Rear. Adm. Casey Moten said the delays are due to the workforce and material shortfalls that stretched out the delivery of USS George Washington (CVN-73), which were made worse by the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

George Washington was at the Newport News yard for almost six years before completing the RCOH with the sailors working in the shipyard subject to some of the toughest conditions in the military, according to a 2023 Navy investigation following the deaths by suicide of several sailors assigned to the carrier.

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