"Nobody gets up one day and decides to be a terrorist for no reason. They don't hate us for our freedoms. They hate us and commit acts of terror because one day, as they are going about their normal lives, there is a horrendous blast and people they have known all their lives are lying in bloody shreds at their feet, mixed in with shrapnel stamped 'Made in the USA.'" -- Michael Rivero

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In the tech sector, it’s called “vaporware” something that is touted as something huge and monumental – but amounts to nothing. And it seems like Biden’s job growth numbers are as long on promise and as short on delivery as the infamous Apple Television Interface.

For months now the Biden administration has been trumpeting its “phenomenal” numbers on job growth, however, those numbers seem to be part of a disappearing act that would make David Blaine proud! Newly released data shows that those numbers were by almost 800,000 in 2023. According to the Washington Times that translates to about 1 in 4 jobs that were supposedly added last year never actually existed.


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You must give Democrats credit for peddling the most absurd hyper-hyperbolic campaign narratives as a means of gaslighting the American people with spin and fearmongering.  They follow the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda.  The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed – especially if you repeat it over and over.

That strategy is seen with the bogus claims that the riot on Capitol Hill was an insurrection … an attempted coup … a planned overthrow of the government.  They take their hyperbole into hyperspace with claims that the election of President Trump will literally end the American Democracy.  And lately, they claim that the election of Trump will destroy the world.

They have taken the fact the earth is warming (and yes, it is) – and that is the fault of human activity – as some Draconian situation that will literally wipe humans off the face of the earth.  This despite the fact that their short-term ominous predictions have not come to pass.    They use weather cycles – such as this year’s high temperatures – as evidence.  (Incidentally, the Global Historical Climatology Network’s list of the top ten hottest Junes does not even include 2024.  The hottest was 1933. If you are interested, the other nine in order of severity are 1934,1911, 2021, 1951, 2021, 1931, 2016, 1918 and 1936.)

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Folks, I have been shouting this message for over a year now: GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS!

Of course I can’t provide personalized financial advice to anyone, that’s not my job.  I’m just a reporter.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Reporting on what I’m seeing and what I continue to see time and time again is banks crashing, banks going under, and serious cracks forming in our economy.

Here’s the latest…

40 Chinese Banks have VANISHED in one week.

Yes, that’s a strange word to use, isn’t it?  Vanished?  And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

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An enhanced variant of the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine was confirmed on July 16 to have successfully completed the preliminary design review, placing it on schedule to be integrated on to future variants of the F-35 fifth generation fighter before 2030. Developed under the Engine Core Upgrade program, the powerplant was developed as an alternative to work on the Adaptive Engine Transition Program which had been intended to provide a clean sheet new powerplant for the F-35 with revolutionary new capabilities. The much more conservative Engine Core Upgrade program will provide far less ambitious specifications, lacking key features such as a “third stream” of bypass air system for greater efficiency and cooling and an adaptive cycle intended to significantly increase thrust and endurance. Benefits of the Engine Core Upgrade, however, include a much lower development cost than developing and entirely new engine, as well as commonality of maintenance with the several hundred baseline F135s already built. Where the Adaptive Engine Transition Program was expected to only be compatible with the Air Force and Navy’s F-35A and F-35C models, the enhanced F135 developed under the Engine Core Upgrade program will also be compatible with the Marine Corps’ F-35B. 

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The Yemeni Ansurullah Coalition on July 19 launched a successful drone strike on the centre of Tel Aviv, a city internationally recognised as the Israeli capital. The attack is one of the latest by Yemeni forces against Israeli targets since the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militia groups in the Gaza Strip in October 2023. The strike caused several Israeli casualties, including a single death, according to local sources, and impacted near the American consulate in the city. The United States moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018, although the vast majority of countries maintain their embassies in the city. Ansurualh Coalition forces reported having “carried out a specific military operation, which consisted of targeting one of the important targets in the occupied Jaffa region, what is now called Israeli Tel Aviv.” Ansurullah notably does not recognise the state of Israel, and thus refers to it as occupied Palestinian territory inhabited by settler colonists predominantly of European origin, with this reflected in the Yemeni group’s rhetoric.

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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spent $15 million to help secure George Latimer’s victory over Jamaal Bowman in New York and now they have their sights set on Missouri’s 1st district, where Rep. Cori Bush is facing a primary challenge from prosecutor Wesley Bell.

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Netanyahu Blocks Order To Build Field Hospital for Gaza Children

Tens of thousands of children have been wounded in Gaza and newborn babies are dying because they cannot get proper nutrients by Dave DeCamp July 18, 2024 at 2:24 pm ET Categories NewsTags Gaza, Israel

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced Wednesday that the Israeli military was setting up a field hospital inside Israel to treat Palestinian children from Gaza, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vetoed the plan.

Netanyahu’s office said that it informed Gallant in writing that the prime minister does not approve of establishing a “temporary hospital” for Gaza’s children, and therefore, it would “not be established.”

Claire's Observations:  Of course not; Netanyahu, Thug in Chief of the Middle East's" Assassination Nation", which is what Israel has become, wants these kids to die, and as miserably as possible, as helpless parents, who had NO role in the horrific Hamas attack against Israelis, can only watch and wait for their deaths.

Netanyahu will be addressing a joint session of  the US Congress on the 24th  of July in DC, and I can tell you precisely of what his "shopping list"  for the US  Congress will consist:  he will DEMAND more bombs with which to kill and maim for Palestinians;  massive US "boots on the ground" with which to "conquer" Iran; and more "US boots on the ground" to kill more Palestinians. 

Of course, the US Congress is so compromised, courtesy of AIPAC, Shin Bet, the IDF, and the current regime, they will knuckle under, and give the guy everything he wants.

I find the symbolic meaning of the date in the Jewish religious calendar very interesting:  https://www.chabad.org/calendar/view/day.asp?tdate=7/24  "Laws and Customs

""The Three Weeks"

During the Three Weeks, from 17th of Tamuz to the 9th of Av, we commemorate the conquest of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Holy Temple and the dispersion of the Jewish people."  

So is Netanyahu's next move back home to destroy the Al-Aqsa mosque, and replace it with a Third  Temple?!?  Were I a betting woman, right now, I would not bet against this.  

With things so disjunct in the American body politic, between the election; the assassination attempt on Trump; and the potential withdrawal of Biden from the Democratic ticket, perhaps Netanyahu sees a "window" where he can do this, and "get away with it." He may also see that same "window" as a terrific time to invade Lebanon, and snip off the area surrounding the Litani river.

I am hoping and praying that some "voice of sanity" in his little "Junta" will have this war criminal's ear (in a gentle, conversational way) and tell him "Enough is enough!!!".  Unfortunately, looking at this guy's "track record" as Prime Minister, I doubt like hell that this will happen.


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The Arctic and northern Pacific have emerged as pivotal areas in the ongoing power struggle among global giants—China, Russia, and the United States. Along with the South China Sea, they are a freezing-cold hotspot in the global geopolitics.

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Chinese researchers have allegedly developed a new technique for tracking ships at sea using low-resolution, open-source, “free” satellite images. By searching for tell-tale ship wake patterns, the team’s new algorithm can rapidly find ships that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

The satellite images used have resolutions of tens, even hundreds of meters. This means even a large object like a warship could occupy a single pixel.

Yet despite this, the team, led by Hong Jun of the Dalian Naval Academy, said it had discovered a U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, a Ticonderoga-class cruiser, and an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer from these images.

Their method focuses on analyzing the waves behind the ships (wakes), a simple technique that could be used by almost any country or organization. Different ships create distinct wave patterns on the sea surface, similar to fingerprints.

Webmaster addition: When I was working at JPL, there was a mission called Seasat which was one of the very first synthetic aperture radars in space. It's mission was oceanographic research, but the images showed ships and their wakes, including wakes for which there were no ship, meaning Seasat was seeing the turbulence created by submerged submarines. At that point, the mission was handed over to the military and all data was classified!

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A wave of IT outages swept across the globe Friday morning, sending airports, airlines, banks and other institutions into a screeching halt as some Microsoft-based computers ceased to work. CrowdStrike -- an American cybersecurity technology firm that provides cloud workload protection, threat intelligence and cyberattack response services -- said the outage, which sparked chaos for many, was not a cyberattack. Instead, there was an issue with software and a fix had been deployed.
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Discount stores like target are engaged in a race to the bottom, lowering prices to convince customers to stop shopping on amazon. But while their new plans might work in some parts of america, in NYC there are reason they wont work at all, leading to more store closures...
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In the aftermath of the attempted assassination of President Trump, federal law enforcement can’t figure out a motive for the shooter, and they can’t get into all the details of his phone, but they’re 100% sure that he acted alone.

What does not make sense is how a 20-year-old nursing home food attendant managed to find one spot with a direct line of sight to President Trump and how Thomas Crooks managed to know of all the ongoing security lapses and failures that day, including the reassignment of the Secret Service to Jill Biden, who had a function in Pittsburgh the same day.

Thomas Crooks, accused by the FBI of being the Trump sniper

Another part of the story that makes no sense is that 20-year-old Thomas Crooks, who lived an hour away before he went to the rally, knew that he would need a ladder in order to scale the walls and take a shot at President Trump. According to federal authorities, Crooks stopped at Home Depot on his way to the rally in his hometown of Bethel Park and bought a 5-foot ladder.


Initially, the pictures leaking out from the rally’s aftermath showed a ladder that was in place near where Crooks’ body was found, on top of the American Glass Research manufacturing company warehouse near the Butler Farm Show Airport.



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But pictured above is a ten-foot ladder, and one that large would not fit in Crooks’ car, so there would be no way for him to get it from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, to Butler, Pennsylvania.

It also makes no sense how Crooks would have been able to do enough advance research and investigation beforehand to know the security protocols of the Trump rally, and know the details of which building to get on top of, to take sniper shots at Trump.

Here’s the exact quote from USA Today on this point: “Hours before the shooting, Crooks stopped at a Home Depot in his hometown of Bethel Park and purchased a ladder, CNN and NBC reported, citing unnamed law enforcement officials.”

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A Politico report documented people close to former President Donald Trump who said that the assassination attempt had made him more humble, but some liberals were outraged at the suggestion.

The article by Natalie Allison cited numerous sources close to Trump who said the shooting had made him more "serene," even more "spiritual."

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MSNBC host Joy Reid posted a video of herself working through a bizarre conspiracy theory suggesting that the Secret Service helped former President Donald Trump to create the historic and defiant photo image from the shooting.

Reid posted the video on a social media account.

She noted that the Biden campaign released a lot of detailed medical information about his condition within minutes of the announcement that he had contracted COVID-19 again.

"But when it comes to what happened on Saturday, with former President Donald Trump, this assassination attempt, we know almost nothing about his medical condition," said Reid.

Webmaster addition: So Biden's Secret Service helped stage a hoax to benefit Trump? Really Joy?

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Lawsuit Background: In 2010, the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund sued the FDA, claiming that laws regulating raw milk violated the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed. FDA’s Response: The FDA argued that there is no fundamental right to obtain any food one wishes, and there is no deeply rooted historical tradition of unfettered access to all types of food.
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In the face of a potentially industry-ending slew of patent cliffs, Big Pharma has begun acquiring biotechnology companies to stave off collapse. To get these drugs to market, the industry is pursuing the only solution left for their dying model: a full takeover of the WHO to capture the global regulatory system.

Big Pharma must soon confront an industry-wide hazard that reaches magnitudes far greater than the typical concerns of corporate profit margins and business politics. Through years of industry consolidation, it has essentially made itself “too big to fail.” Only now, the model which it once could never fail within — that is, the practice of obtaining patent exclusivity over drugs that are approved through clinical trials and regulations — has become obsolete, even impossible, under the current conditions of the industry. 

In this new climate, the trials and regulations Big Pharma once successfully navigated may very well lead to its total demise. However, the pharmaceutical sector has set its eyes on the only solution that can keep its money and power intact; the full takeover of the public sector, specifically the World Health Organization (WHO), and the regulatory system that now holds the entire market hostage. 

The problem begins with the looming financial threat that the top 20 Big Pharma companies face: from now until 2030, $180 billion in sales will be at risk. This threat, called a patent cliff, is a regularly occurring problem for the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma has long made its money by attaining patent exclusivity of certain drugs, thereby monopolizing all potential profits made off of them for a finite amount of time. When that patent exclusivity ends, the drug rolls head first off of a “patent cliff,” and tens of billions of dollars in revenue are put at risk.

Claire's Observations: I understand the profit motive, which is true for all corporations. But what about people who need, and would benefit from the consumption of new drugs, but cannot obtain them because those drugs have been "priced out of the market", so that only the wealthy can purchase them?!?

For example, the following two drugs have just been approved by the FDA for use in treatment of dementia:

"Both Kisunla and the Japanese drug, Leqembi, are laboratory-made antibodies, administered by IV, that target one contributor to Alzheimer’s — sticky amyloid plaque buildup in the brain. Questions remain about which patients should get the drugs and how long they might benefit.

The new drug’s approval was expected after an outside panel of FDA advisors unanimously voted in favor of its benefits at a public meeting last month. That endorsement came despite several questions from FDA reviewers about how Lilly studied the drug, including allowing patients to discontinue treatment after their plaque reached very low levels.

Costs will vary by patient, based on how long they take the drug, Lilly said. The company also said a year’s worth of therapy would cost $32,000 — higher than the $26,500 price of a year’s worth of Leqembi."

Forgive me, but what retired person do you know, who has been diagnosed with dementia in this country, has an extra twenty-six to thirty-two thousand dollars a year to pay for this treatment?!?  Short answer; not many.

I am hoping and praying that some of these drug developers are in initial dialogue with CEOs of the insurance companies covering health, to make these treatments affordable.  Because if not, it will be almost as though these drugs never existed in the first place, for people who have this diagnosis.

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When you look at Joe Biden, you are also getting a visual picture of what is happening to our economy as a whole.  Both have been getting artificially propped up for a long time, both are now sick once again, and both are starting to decline very rapidly at this point.  There is lots of speculation that Joe Biden is not going to be able to make it much longer, and of course the exact same thing could be said about the U.S. economy.  Sadly, the truth is that the clock won’t stop ticking and time is not on the side of either one of them.
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Land movement in Rancho Palos Verdes has been accelerating, causing significant damage to roads and homes. Experts have noted that the land is moving at a rate of about 12 inches per week in some areas. This movement has resulted in large cracks in roads and homes sinking. Additionally, the shifting land has created a new stretch of coastline.
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At the Republican Jewish Coalition's "Salute to Pro-Israel Elected Officials" on the sidelines of the GOP convention, the only thing more palpable than leading officials' support for Israel is their resentment toward Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

The event, attended by hundreds and including addresses from among the most senior Republican officials in America, was the convention's clearest and firmest argument from the GOP that it is "the only-pro Israel party" amid the Democratic Party's leftward shift amid the Gaza war.

"We have been demonstrating that over and over and over," House Speaker Mike Johnson said, noting the Republican efforts to attack the Biden administration over the delay of a shipment of 2,000 pound heavy-payload weapons.

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At the height of the "QAnon" fervor in 2021 - roughly 23% of Republicans said they believed the theory that Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of satanic, sex-trafficking pedophiles.

On Monday, a Morning Consult poll found that 34% of Democrats think Trump faked his own assassination attempt last Saturday. Such left-wing conspiracy theorists have been referred to as "BlueAnon," and as the Washington Free Beacon reports, this particular notion - that Trump faked the assassination attempt - originated with Democratic powerbroker Dmitri Mehlhorn, who has made at least 10 visits to the Biden White House.

Hours after the shooting on Saturday, Mehlhorn - and adviser to LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman (who joked about assassinating Trump the week before the attempt) - sent a memo to reports suggesting they portray the shooting as a false-flag operation directly from Vladimir Putin's playbook, designed to give Trump an iconic photo-op.

Webmaster addition: Just down the page is an article debunking the claim that the shooting was staged. And I don't think those 1/3 Democrats actually believe this nonsense, but they know what a powerful boost this has given Trump are are desperate to negate it!

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