"This push to jab everyone with these demonstrably dangerous mRNA shots, violating patient rights and the Nuremberg code, only makes sense if the US is planning to fight WW3 with biological weapons. Viewed from the military mindset, killing and crippling a million Americans is worth it, if the rest of the population is immune from whatever horror it is they've cooked up in those labs. The fact is that the US cannot possibly win a conventional war against a combined Russia and China. Everyone loses in a nuclear war. A biological war leaves all that precious infrastructure intact and ready to use by the invaders!" -- Michael Rivero

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The Battle of Cable Street was a conflict on Sunday 4 October 1936 between anti-fascist protesters and the British Union of Fascists. The BUF was an organization inspired by Mussolini's Blackshirts, and reportedly consisted of 50,000 members at its height before being banned in 1940.

Following the Chilling Trail of the Gilgo Beach Murders libraryhist Sat, 12/09/2023 - 16:29

 According to police, the Gilgo Beach murders are one of Long Island's most significant criminal investigations. A search begins for Shannon Gilbert, a missing sex worker, leading to a grim discovery – 10 bodies found on a beach along the south coast of the island. The discovery comes nearly 13 years after the initial victim was found. Recently a suspect has been arrested in connection with the case. Rex Heuerman, a 59-year-old New York City architect and married father of two, has been charged with the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Costello.

A major donor to the University of Pennsylvania is withdrawing a nearly $100 million donation in protest over the college's handling of anti-Semitism on campus and the UPenn president's controversial testimony on the subject.


Ross Stevens, founder and CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, donated to Penn in 2017, a gift that included partnership units in the firm, now worth about $100 million, to help the university establish a center for financial innovation.


The Typhoon-class ballistic missile submarines stand as iconic symbols of Cold War military power, leaving an indelible mark that few submarines of their era can match.


As the largest submarines ever built, Typhoons played a key role in significantly increasing the capabilities of Soviet submarines in the early 1980s.


Beyond their enormous size and firepower, these formidable ships had a profound economic and political impact for the Soviet Union.


Elon Musk Poised to Unban Alex Jones From Twitter ChrisMenahan Sat, 12/09/2023 - 14:12

Elon Musk on Saturday posted a poll on whether to unban Alex Jones and declared that "if the people vote [Jones] back on, this will be bad for X financially, but principles matter more than money."

 For more than two centuries, from the 16th to the 19th century, Japan pursued a strict policy that prohibited foreigners, especially Europeans, from entering the country. This ban also extended to Japanese citizens, preventing them from leaving the country. This strict approach implemented during the Edo period was intended to prevent the spread of Christianity and protect Japanese society from perceived colonial and religious threats posed by European countries. Officials feared that such influence could destabilize the power of the shogunate and disrupt peace in the archipelago.

Parenting has always been a rollercoaster ride, hasn't it? Sometimes, parents stumble upon strange advice or make mistakes along the way.


But when you take a stroll down memory lane, you come across some serious methods that people used to handle the entire parenting schedule.


We all cherish those priceless pictures of our little ones frolicking at the beach or having a great time at the park.


But take a look at your parents' old photo albums – guaranteed laughs will be waiting for you when you unearth their old-fashioned antics.

 Cats are magical

Step back in time and explore the intriguing world of Ancient Egypt, a civilization rich with mystical beliefs and captivating traditions. In this captivating slideshow gallery, we highlight the most unique and fascinating beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. From their elaborate burial rituals to their deep reverence for cats as magical creatures, the ancient Egyptians had a unique perspective on life, death, and the afterlife.

European Union policymakers have agreed on a broad new set of rules to govern artificial intelligence.

The EU agreement represents one of the world’s first comprehensive initiatives to control the use of the rapidly expanding technology with far-reaching social and economic repercussions.

The current head of the Rothschild banking dynasty has called for governments around the world to usher in so-called “cashless societies” that will be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) for “the common good.”

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild insists that the World Economic Forum-developed plan is essential for promoting “equity” to “save the poor.”

In order to “save capitalism,” Rothschild is demanding that governments radically change their economies.