"History would be a lot more fun if we didn’t have to kill so many people making it!" -- Michael Rivero

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'I was just regurgitating headlines, regurgitating what someone else said,' Amir Odom said of his time on the Left

Amir Odom, a Black, gay liberal-turned-conservative influencer, has faced backlash for his commentary against various ideologies he once championed, but he said he had to shift his outlook after realizing "the truth."

A Korean Air Lines flight heading from Incheon to Taiwan was diverted due to a defect in the aircraft. 
The KE189 flight, which was bound for Taichung International Airport in Taiwan, departed Incheon Airport with 125 passengers on board at around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday. 
About 50 minutes after departure, a warning appeared about a fault in the pressurization system of the Boeing 737-8 aircraft. An aircraft pressurization system regulates the pressure level inside the aircraft.

n his recent article “The Destabilization of Haiti: Anatomy of a Military Coup d’Etat“, Professor Michel Chossudovsky memorizes 29 February 2024 as the 20th anniversary of the coup d’État against Haiti’s elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

 by Jason Ditz 

Russian officials have issued a statement confirming that multiple drone strikes overnight in eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. The strikes killed multiple, and included an attack on a cargo truck traveling through the region, killing a member of Iraq’s Sayyed al-Shuhada Brigades.

 by Kyle Anzalone 

The Israeli defense minister Gallant is traveling to the US to discuss the next stage of the wars in Gaza and Lebanon. Washington is pushing for Tel Aviv to bring the conflicts to an end, while the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is demanding more weapons from the US.

A prosecutor at the International Criminal Court is seeking an arrest warrant for Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

U.S. prosecutors are recommending to senior Justice Department officials that criminal charges be brought against Boeing after finding the planemaker violated a settlement related to two fatal crashes, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.