"The weak are always anxious for justice and equality. The strong pay no heed to either." — Aristotle

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Arkansas Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders believes that President Joe Biden and his administration are a “failure” and that voters do not support his open border policies.

“Governor, why is it so hard to deport people who don’t belong here who kick cops, drive drunk, and steal my grandma’s Social Security number?” host Jesse Watters asked Sanders during an interview on Fox News.

In a recent development, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has unveiled plans to establish an 80-acre base in Eagle Pass to accommodate 1,800 National Guard troops.

During his monthly news conference, Utah Governor Spencer Cox was questioned by Telemundo reporter Veronica Sansur regarding the transportation of illegal immigrants from New York shelters to Utah.

Sansur inquired, "What are your thoughts about migrants coming to our state... Are you concerned about the crisis of immigration here in our state? We know that there's some migrants that arrived here from New York City shelter this week."

Sansur further pressed, "They actually told us that the shelter paid for their plane ticket. Are you aware of this and is this a concern?"

A record 7.3 million illegal aliens have crossed the southwest border under President Biden's watch, a number which according to Fox News.is greater than the population of 36 individual states.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Entitled Somalis at the Darin Gap Intending to Illegally Cross into the USA Support Bidens Reelection MikeRivero

An exclusive video taken at one of the many refugee camps along the Darién Gap shows a group of men aged 24 to 25 from Somalia who intend to enter the United States illegally. The Darién Gap is located in Panama and connects North America with South America, making it a key location in the illegal immigrant smuggling route into the United States. These Somalis informed me that they support Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection because he makes it easier for illegal immigration.

WATCH: OKeefe Media Group Releases Footage of Unitarian Universitarian Church of Tucsons Board Meeting Where They Discuss Reporting on Possible Human Trafficking Operation in Arizona (VIDEO) MikeRivero

New video footage released by James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group shows the board of the Universalist Universitarian Church of Tucson’s discussions regarding recent reporting on the No Mas Muertes human trafficking and illegal immigrant aid operation in southern Arizona.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, O’Keefe Media Group recently shined light on the No Mas Muertes or No More Deaths organization, which appears to house cartel members and facilitate human smuggling in southern Arizona.

Republicans Announce Powerful New Bill It Give States the Power They Need to Fight Biden MikeRivero

It’s no secret that many states are trying to defy the federal government over the border crisis. Texas is leading the fight, trying to regain control as millions illegally enter the country. The Biden administration is opposing these states, working to let in more migrants.

Court battles are raging, but it is uncertain what will happen. Meanwhile, several Republican-led states have sided with Texas to secure the border.

President Joe Biden has not hidden his intentions when it comes to immigration. In one infamous video in 2022, he bragged about an “unrelenting” stream of immigration that would turn whites into a minority. Sitting next to him and smiling while he made this boast was current Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The DHS secretary is a former board member of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which exists to move migrants into the United States at taxpayer expense.

Killing Your Liberties What Would Happen If There Were No Laws And Rules? (Hate crimes increase by orders of magnitude, with nobody bothering to stop lynch mobs from going on witch hunts.) MikeRivero

What would happen if there were no laws? I believe the human conscience can help a law-abiding citizen remain lawful with or without the laws.

The New American Dream: Unstoppable Migrant Gangs in NYC MikeRivero

The police say the illegal alien gangs pouring into New York City are unstoppable. They steal phones and then hack the phones to drain bank accounts. Travel to Long Island or upstate, and it’s a different world.

Some of the gang leaders are incoming, and some were here but exploit illegal immigrants to commit crimes.