"'Congress shall make no law respecting an institution of religion.' -- The First Amendment to the Constitution

A Nativity scene (or a Menorah for that matter) is not a law, it is a decoration. And on that basis, even though I myself am an atheist, I do not have a problem with Nativity scenes on government property, other than they are a reminder that those are the people we are bombing to steal their oil.

I do draw the line at the Ten Commandments being on display on government buildings with its prohibitions against lying, theft, and killing, as that hostile work environment!" -- Michael Rivero

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Mistrial Declared in Case of Arizona Rancher Accused of Killing Migrant Trespasser ChrisMenahan

A mistrial was declared on Monday in the case of George Alan Kelly, an Arizona rancher who was accused of fatally shooting a Mexican national who trespassed on his border property in January last year, after one juror out of eight refused to acquit him of second-degree murder. 

Nearly 700 migrants from the People’s Republic of China have been apprehended in just one week for illegally crossing the California border from Mexico, according to a new report.

The number only includes those busted in the San Diego region during the third week of April.

A New York Home Depot has gone to extreme lengths to protect its customers from the state’s increased problem with lawlessness.

According to The New York Post, the store in Rochelle, New York has employed a guard dog and private security to try and solve the issue, which continues to grow worse as the Biden regime continues to allow millions of people cross into the country every year.

Joe Biden’s America.

An illegal alien from Haiti was arrested in New York for allegedly killing his Haitian roommates on April 1st.

Kenol Baptiste was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, according to Middletown Police Department.

The two victims had been stabbed several times. One victim died at the scene while the second victim died at the hospital during surgery.

by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 21, 2024 - 05:05 PM

New York City has long been out of space, but the constant stream of migrants arriving in the Big Apple is truly making it clear just how much of a p

Watch: Migrants Complain That New Yorkers Don't Learn African Languages MikeRivero

A hearing held earlier this week in New York by the Council’s immigration and hospital committees saw black migrants who have arrived in the city airing their grievances about public services they have been provided, including food and accommodation, with one woman even complaining that New Yorkers won’t learn Congolese languages.

Voting along party lines, the United States Senate buried impeachment proceedings targeting the Jewish Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

All 51 senators caucusing with Democrats voted on Wednesday to adjourn the impeachment before proceedings started. All 49 Republicans voted against adjourning, with one voting present on one count of impeachment.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would make illegal immigration a state crime after a heated debate where one Democrat called the bill "extremist legislation."

House Bill 4156 makes “impermissible occupation” a criminal act, defined as a person willfully and without permission entering and remaining in Oklahoma without first obtaining legal authorization to enter the United States, according to the bill.

It passed its third reading by a 77-20 vote and now moves on to the Senate for consideration.