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"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Republicans are demanding answers on the lack of transparency on visitor logs from President Joe Biden’s Delaware home.

“The White House has dodged questions on a report that the Secret Service claims to have no records on who has visited Biden’s home, where the president has spent more than 25% of his time since he took office. By comparison, the visitor logs to the White House have been released,” Fox News reported.

I don’t think Biden will run in 2024. I just don’t see it happening. First off, he’s 80-years-old today and looks and sounds like he’s 99-years-old, at best. What will he be like 2 years from now? My God, I shudder to think. The man will be wearing a bib and drooling all over himself by that time. And we all know Biden has dementia or some “brain issues.” He’s a bumbling fool. I am sorry to be so blunt, and perhaps callous, but at this point, I am over it.

Former Vice President Mike Pence says Donald Trump should apologize for having dinner with Kanye West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Some conservative pundits, however, are suggesting they’re tired of the rotating controversies pushed by the media and are demanding Republicans no longer play the apology game, even if it is warranted.

Pence made his comments during an interview with NewsNation on Monday night.

If anyone believed that the Republican Party would slow down monetary and military support for Ukraine, I hate to break it to you but they are still very much the same war hawks they were before the recent midterms. 

The Biden administration has pounced on the idea that if Republicans were elected to Congress and could clinch a majority in the House, support for Ukraine could potentially be in danger. Yet here we are, with a slim majority in the House and the GOP parading out their best and brightest to assuage any fears that anything might change under their watch.

Listen: The niqab and why it is a danger to society redress Tue, 11/29/2022 - 13:47

Dr Mohamed El-Doufani says the proliferation of the Muslim veil, the niqab, and its variants is an indicator of the spread of a pernicious ideology propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood and other ultra-reactionary Salafists, and why it should be of concern to everyone who values freedom and equality.>>

FLASHBACK - Arizona Secretary of State Threatens Lawsuit Over County Supervisors Potentially Voting for a Hand Count of Ballots MikeRivero Tue, 11/29/2022 - 10:40

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) indicated that she will sue officials in one county if they choose to count ballots by hand, a process that’s “time intensive and prone to human error.”

Don Lemon Presses Jewish Official to Condemn Trump for Ten Minutes But Hes Got a Dirty Little Secret MikeRivero Tue, 11/29/2022 - 10:30

CNN Host Don Lemon, fresh off his demotion from primetime, pressed a Jewish former State Department official for ten minutes to condemn Donald Trump over his meeting with Kanye West and renowned anti-Semite Nick Fuentes in Mar-a-Lago.

Lemon’s exchange got increasingly desperate and painful to watch.

“As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors. I’m concerned with the mainstreaming of antisemitism wherever it comes from,” Len Khodorkovsky said. “And I condemn Kanye’s antisemitism and I condemn…”

It's Time For Congress To File A Lawsuit Against President Biden Over Student Debt MikeRivero Tue, 11/29/2022 - 09:57

On August 24, President Biden's Fact Sheet announced a student debt forgiveness plan that will cost in the neighborhood of $420 billion.

That is fiscal authority the President just does not have. 

Biden's plan went unchallenged for weeks, presumably because no one had the standing to sue.