"The first casualty of war is truth." -- Rudyard Kipling

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"Former president Donald Trump promised to crush pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses, telling a roomful of donors -- a group that he joked included '98 percent of my Jewish friends' -- that he would expel student demonstrators from the United States," the Washington Post reported on Monday. 

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1. We witness and engage as digital warriors in AmRev2/WW3:

There has been an unprecedented effort to destroy Donald Trump rather than defeat him at the polls. Those concerned about democracy being in danger need only look at the list of efforts to destroy him which began before his first election, continued with gusto and anger during his term, and the lawfare episodes which followed Trump’s departure from office.

Democrats Support Illegal Alien Voting Both Implicitly And Explicitly MikeRivero

Once again, The Federalist is doing a good job documenting election fraud.