"When the people seek a change in the direction of government, and through voting successive changes in administrations, there is no change in the direction, then you know there is a conspiracy." -- Thomas Jefferson

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Parents aren't just fighting to uncover the influence of gender ideology activists in their children's public schools, but their influence with federal policymakers who stand to upend 50 years of policy on sex discrimination in schools by redefining it to include gender identity.

A group of migrants shouted across the Rio Grande as former president, and presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump inspected makeshift barriers in Eagle Pass, Texas.

As Trump waved and pumped his fist, people across the river began chanting his name and waving.

In all honesty, a topic like this really deserves a complete book to cover it all. That said, I can give you the 50,000-foot level view. Then you can choose which of these snake-filled pits you would like to investigate further.

More importantly than the causes of the 2024 SHTF are the steps that you take to prepare for it. While it can tend to feel like we are completely powerless to stop all this chaos, the reality is there is a lot we can do. Much of it is just a lot harder than binge watching Netflix, so we tend to leave it for another day.

Colbert jokes Supreme Court should be 'careful' because 'Seal Team 6 currently works for Joe Biden' MikeRivero

"The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert was outraged by the U.S. Supreme Court's decision, Thursday, to hear former President Trump's immunity argument, further delaying his criminal trial stemming from Jack Smith's 2020 election interference probe.

At one point in the monologue, Colbert joked to the Supreme Court justices: "Be careful how you rule on this one, because Seal Team 6 currently works for Joe Biden." 

Far-left “news” network MSNBC dedicated an entire segment to smearing white voters in rural communities as a “threat to American democracy.”

MSDNC’s “Morning Joe” gave airtime to two leftist authors who explained why white rural Americans are the “most racist” in the country.

Professor of political science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Thomas Schaller, and journalist and opinion writer Paul Waldman argued why they believe this “geodemographic” is “anti-democracy.”

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that some Jan. 6 defendants had their sentences lengthened improperly by judges in Washington, D.C. 

This decision could potentially force District Court judges in D.C. to reduce some sentences of some of the rioters during the 2021 riot at the Capitol, according to Politico

Things are not looking good for Senator Bob Menendez, who is being charged with accepting bribes on behalf of a foreign government and acting as foreign agent.

The prosecution now has a witness pleading guilty to bribing Menendez “in exchange for his influence over foreign affairs.”

Here’s more from the AP:

On November 17, 2020, the lives of former Wayne County, MI Chair of the Board of Canvassers Monica Palmer and her family were forever changed after she refused to certify the Detroit election that was, once again, out of balance. What unfolded next is unimaginable. The hatred by Democrats for anyone who challenges the legitimacy or dares to scrutinize elections they’ve won is unmatched.

During a CNN appearance, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley argued that the Supreme Court should reject Donald Trump's claim of immunity from prosecution for actions taken while he was president.