"Fear is the foundation of most governments." -- John Adams, Second President of the United States

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Canadians are now taking the unprecedented steps of hiring people to protect vulnerable hospital patients from being euthanized by government doctors.

As Slay News has reported, Canada’s Liberal government is increasingly pushing to euthanize citizens who are considered a burden on the state’s taxpayer-funded healthcare system.

A whopping 2000 plus doctors, scientists, and academics have signed a declaration demanding governments around the world order an “immediate” ban on Covid mRNA shots.

The unprecedented statement, called “The Hope Accord,” has also been signed by over 2700 other healthcare professionals.

In total, the document has now gained over 33,000 signatories.

Following years of reports, studies and first hand accounts of the harms the Covid vaccinations have caused, The Hope Accord was established as a public pact that seeks to suspend the shots, reevaluate their alleged safety, support the vaccine injured and restore ethical medical principles lost during the 2020 pandemic.


The dream of riding in an unmanned aerial taxi is set to become a reality in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, with a local company engaged in the development and operation of electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft expected to obtain operational certification soon.

"We are expecting to receive operational certification this year to make riding in an aerial taxi a reality," said Wang Zhao, chief operating officer of EHang Holdings, one of the world's leading urban air mobility companies, which is based in Guangzhou.

People who were “vaccinated” for Covid with mRNA injections have had decades wiped from their life expectancy, a new peer-reviewed study has revealed.

The bombshell study, published in the renowned Swiss medical journal MDPI, has sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

However, the study has further confirmed warnings from leading experts about the long-term impact of the Covid mRNA shots.