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US Bristles As South African Ally To Host Joint Naval Drills With Russia, China MikeRivero Tue, 01/24/2023 - 08:50

The Russian navy is set to participate alongside the Chinese and South African navies in exercises set for February off South Africa, Russia's state TASS has announced. 

Importantly, the Russian frigate named 'Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov' is armed with hypersonic cruise missiles, after it entered deployment in the Atlantic Ocean three weeks ago.


Morocco has sent tanks to Ukraine to boost its counter-offensive against Russian forces, Algerian news outlet Menadefense has revealed.

Nearly 20 T-72B tanks were reportedly supplied to Kyiv’s forces, making Rabat the first African nation to send armored vehicles to the war-torn country.

According to the report, Czech defense firm Excalibur Army modernized the tanks before they were sent to Ukraine.

One would reasonably expect a worldwide pandemic that began three years ago to have been recorded with some ballpark accuracy in case counts, and morbidity and mortality data throughout the world by now, as each hemisphere has been through three winters.  One would also expect that a worldwide vaccine campaign that peaked over a year ago to have resulted in reliable vaccine uptake maps.  One would expect a general consensus regarding such data.  So let’s accept the above maps as not (or not yet) disputed, and as reliable documentation of historical events of pinnacle importance, events that

 Police fired tear gas at demonstrators in eastern Congo on Wednesday after dozens of people took part in an unauthorized protest in Goma against the presence of foreign troops to help quell violence from armed groups.

Authorities later detained some participants, as well as some journalists covering the protest.

Leaders of the seven-nation East African Community resolved last year to create and deploy a regional force to eastern Congo, where the M23 rebel group has been blamed for growing violence.

The Republic of South Africa (South Africa) has given Russia and China permission to conduct naval exercises off its coast. This is reported by Fox News.

Joint exercises called Operation "Mosi" ("Smoke") will be held in the period from February 17 to 26. They will involve three Chinese ships, two Russian ships and a South African naval platform.

This is the last report of anti-white South African Farm Attacks of 2022. The earlier months are listed at the bottom.

  • A farmer's wife was attacked in Musina, Limpopo province of South Africa.

After ransacking the house, the five attackers made off with the farmer’s vehicle, 11 firearms, an undisclosed amount of cash, a laptop and a cellphone.


In the video above, John Campbell, Ph.D., a retired nurse educator, compares the contradictions between the World Health Organization’s directives regarding the need for COVID shots in Africa and the actual situation on the ground.

As of December 12, 2022, the WHO was still calling on all countries to get the COVID jab into at least 70% of their populations.1 Its original deadline for meeting this 70% threshold was mid-2022, but by June 2022, only 58 of 194 member states had reached this target.2

South Africa has criticized Washington over its pressure campaign on African nations for maintaining relations with Russia. Defense and Military Veterans Minister Thandi Modise was quoted as saying that the US threatens African nations over “anything that is even smelling of Russia.”

South African Defense and Military Veterans Minister Thandi Modise’s criticism was sparked by reports concerning a delivery of “unidentified” cargo to the Simon’s Town naval base in December 2022 by an alleged Russia-flagged merchant ship.

Even with the emerging countries several times making clear their solid position of not supporting the sanctions against Russia, the US remains with an absolutely interventionist foreign policy, threatening the states that maintain relations with “blacklisted” nations. Now, South African authorities report that they are being blackmailed by the US because of business that the country maintains with Moscow.