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Dec 23 07:05

Pharmaceutical factory on fire after explosion: 2 injured

An explosion at a pharmaceutical factory in Taoyuan City left two injured and caused a fire early this afternoon, December 20.

People as far as Tamsui District in New Taipei City reported hearing the massive blast shortly after noon. Immediately after the blast, thick black smoke could be seen pouring out of the SCI Pharmtech factory.

Firefighters responding to the fire found two people injured. A 30-year-old foreign migrant worker suffered third-degree burns to 80%-90% of his body, and is described as being in a critical condition.

A 40-year-old man suffered a burn to one hand. Both men were sent to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Dec 22 07:45

US Publishes List of Chinese and Russian Firms With Alleged Military Ties

On Monday, the US Commerce Department published a list of Chinese and Russian companies, claiming the firms have military ties. The list will restrict the sale of US goods and technology to the firms by requiring US exporters to obtain a license.

The list includes 58 Chinese companies and 45 Russian companies. The list is the latest move by the Trump administration that targets Chinese companies. Last week, the US added over 60 Chinese firms to a similar list that also restricts US exports under the guise of national security. Last week’s move included China’s top chipmaker, SMIC.

The Trump administration is enacting a series of hardline policies against Beijing in its final days. Some believe the actions are intended to box in the incoming Biden administration. If Joe Biden reverses the moves, he would appear soft on China.

Dec 22 07:32

China says firmly opposes U.S. bill that could remove Chinese firms from U.S. exchanges

China said on Monday it firmly opposed U.S. President Trump signing a bill that would kick Chinese companies off U.S. stock exchanges unless they adhere to U.S. auditing standards, saying it contains discriminatory provisions against Chinese companies.

“This is nothing but an unjustified political crackdown on Chinese enterprises listed in the United States,” foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a daily new briefing in Beijing.

“It will seriously hinder the normal listing of Chinese companies and distort the basic market economy rules that the U.S. has always touted,” Wang said.

Dec 22 07:21

China Restricts Electricity Use Amid Coal Shortage

Despite the swift industrial recovery from the pandemic, factories in areas in China are working only part-time, and residents in several provinces are asked to save electricity, while authorities are turning off street lights and billboards, warning of coal shortages this winter.

In at least three provinces in China, authorities have ordered limits on electricity use, saying there could be shortages of coal, The New York Times reports. At the same time, Chinese authorities vehemently deny that the potential shortages have had anything to do with the diplomatic spat with Australia, which has turned into a true energy trade war, with China banning imports of coal from one of its major suppliers (last week we reported that "China Endures Worsening Electricity Shortages In Name Of Punishing Australia").

Dec 22 06:53

John Pilger on The New Cold War With China, American Exceptionalism, Biden’s Victory, Coronavirus

Dec 21 12:41

US House Intelligence Panel Chief Slams Trump For Blaming China Instead of Russia for Massive Hack

Several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle previously reiterated accusations levelled by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who claimed that it was "pretty clear" that Russia was behind the cyberattack on several government institutions. However, Trump appeared to disagree with him, suggesting that China might be the culprit.

The chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff, has blasted President Donald Trump in an interview with MSNBC over POTUS’ alleged downplaying of Russia's supposed role in the recent cyberattacks on the US government and pointing the finger at China instead.

"It [is] just uniformly destructive and deceitful, and injurious [...] to our national security", Schiff said, commenting the president's earlier tweets on the matter.

Dec 21 06:43

Today’s China Espionage Scandals Revive The Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed The Cold War

Today, a new coordinated psychological operation has been sprung to convince every living patriot across the Five Eyes sphere of influence that the enemy of the free world who lurks behind every conspiracy to overthrow governments, and western values is…China.

Over the past weeks, a surge in slanderous, and often conjectural stories of Chinese subversion has repeatedly been fed to a gullible western audience desperate for an enemy image to attach to their realization that an obvious long-term conspiracy has been unleashed to destroy their lives. While the left has been fed with propaganda designed to convince them that this enemy has taken the form of the Kremlin, the conservative consumers of media have been fed with the narrative that the enemy is China.

Dec 21 06:38

UK defence chief says he wants to beat Russia & China ‘at their own game’ with focus on ‘?yber escalation’ below war threshold

The UK needs to “beat” Russia and China “at their own game”, General Sir Nick Carter, Britain’s defence chief, told the Times newspaper after outlining an ‘up-to-date’ strategy that appears to be rooted in Cold War mentality.

Cyber attacks, asymmetric conflicts and digital surveillance – the list of “threats” and “challenges” posed to the UK and its allies by an assertive Russia and China appears to be long, at least in the mind of the British top brass. General Sir Nick Carter defined Moscow as an “acute threat” and called China a “chronic challenge” in an interview with the Times.

Dec 21 06:37

China's cities go dark and industrialists go out of business as tariffs on Australian coal backfire

Dec 21 06:36

Bill Gertz: Leaked Database Suggests Widespread CCP Infiltration; China Silences Hong Kong Activists

Dec 20 06:39

Sen. Johnson: Eric Swalwell & Hunter Biden Were 'Groomed' by Chinese Communist Party

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has slammed Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, accusing the controversial Democrats of allowing themselves to be "groomed" by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).Johnson, who is the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, made the comments during a Wednesday interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.The senator warned that, given how China “groomed” Rep. Swalwell, it’s not “farfetched to think they were grooming Hunter Biden” and his connections to his father.The Chinese "were investing in influence," Johnson told Hannity.

Dec 20 06:29

Trump lashes out at media for blaming ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ for hacking, says it ‘may be China’

President Donald Trump has broken with the media and his own Secretary of State, brushing aside allegations that Russia was behind a massive computer hack. Trump instead claimed that the real culprit could be Beijing.
“The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality,” Trump tweeted on Saturday, adding that “everything is well under control.”

Dec 20 04:49

WW3? Hang on Patriots, Trump goes after China

Dec 19 11:07

With global push for COVID-19 vaccines, China aims to win friends and cut deals

The first people in the world to receive a COVID-19 vaccine were not part of a clinical trial. No TV stations or newspapers covered the historic event. No company issued a statement.

Dec 19 09:42

China Drugmaker Gives Unproven Covid-19 Vaccine to Students Going Abroad

China is expanding distribution of its coronavirus vaccines outside of clinical trials, with a state-owned company offering them to students going abroad amid a campaign by officials to boost public confidence in homegrown inoculations.

China National Biotec Group Co., a division of state-owned Sinopharm that is developing two Covid-19 vaccines, was giving them free to Chinese students planning to study abroad, according to a company website and students who applied for it.

The offer appears to be the latest example of the company using an emergency-use approval to distribute vaccines to hundreds of thousands of people outside of clinical trials.

Dec 19 08:56

China-based Zoom Executive Charged for Disrupting Meetings About Tiananmen Square Massacre

U.S. prosecutors have charged a China-based executive of a U.S. videoconferencing company over his role in disrupting video meetings held to commemorate the Tiananmen Square Massacre this year, the Justice Department announced on Dec. 18.

Court documents did not name the company, but their description matches Zoom, a popular U.S.-based videoconferencing app, developed in China.

Prosecutors allege that Jin Xinjiang, or “Julien” Jin, worked under the direction of Chinese security officials to censor a series of meetings in May and June this year held by U.S.-based activists to mark the 31st anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, when the Chinese regime violently suppressed a protest movement calling for pro-democracy reforms. Jin was charged with conspiracy to commit interstate harassment and unlawful conspiracy to transfer a means of identification. He is still at-large in China.

Dec 19 08:14

FBI to brief McCarthy on Swalwell connection to Chinese spy

Dec 19 05:11

Did we lose Duck Duck Go to China?

Dec 18 11:42

One of the greatest tweets of all time.

Dec 18 08:28

Trump Administration Confirms It Will Blacklist Chinese Chipmaker SMIC

According to reports, Washington plans to add around 80 additional corporations and affiliates to the so-called entity list later in the day. The designation means that American suppliers will have to seek a special license from the Commerce Department before starting cooperation with the blacklisted firms.

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross confirmed that Washington will add the chipmaker SMIC to the Entity List after reports emerged earlier in the day suggesting that the company, as well as dozens of other Chinese firms, will be targeted by the Trump administration.

"We will not allow advanced US technology to help build the military of an increasingly belligerent adversary", Ross said.

Dec 18 08:14

US Warns Pacific Islands Over Chinese Bid For Cable Project

According to a report from Reuters, the US warned Pacific island nations over a Chinese company’s bid to build an undersea internet cable that is part of a regional infrastructure project.

A former subsidy of Huawei Technologies, known as Huawei Marine, bid on a project that seeks to improve communications between the Pacific island nations of Kiribati, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), and Nauru.

Huawei Technologies is a Chinese firm specializing in 5G that the US regularly pressures its allies not to do business with. Huawei Marine was sold by Huawei Technologies in 2019 and is now controlled by a different Chinese firm.

Dec 18 07:53

The most important company you've never heard of is being dragged into the U.S.-China rivalry

It’s been called Taiwan’s Silicon Shield, and without it much of modern life would cease.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC, makes more than half the world's contracted semiconductor chips and lies at the center of the technology supply chain, churning out circuitry found in iPhones, Amazon cloud computers, graphics processors that power popular video games and even military drones and fighter jets like Lockheed Martin’s F-35.

But TSMC is confronting problems it had never anticipated when a Taiwanese American engineer, who spent 25 years at Texas Instruments and is revered here like a hometown Bill Gates, founded it in the late 1980s. The company has been drawn into an increasingly bitter — and at times dangerous — rivalry between the U.S. and China that is forcing nations and corporations to choose sides in an era that is redefining the global order.

Dec 18 07:32

The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War

Below you will find a piece I wrote months ago on the grand China deception. First, I want to provide context.

If there really were a dangerous virus on the loose in China, NOTHING could have stopped it. We would be seeing huge numbers of deaths in China to this day. Instead, the country has long been back to work, the economy is wide open, and the Chinese regime is looking, with great satisfaction, at Western nations, where its lockdown model has been laid on, wreaking havoc.

This is called a clue.

As I’ve explained in detail, in other articles, at the time when US and European agencies were first constructing their PCR tests, to detect the virus, they were unable to obtain actual virus. The obvious source would have been China, but China was unable to supply it.

Dec 17 13:25

US Hits Chinese, UAE-Based Companies With Iran-Related Sanctions

On Wednesday, the US sanctioned companies based in China and the UAE, accusing them of helping Iran export petrochemicals, as the Trump administration continues to ramp up the pressure on Tehran.

The Treasury Department said in a statement that it blacklisted four companies for facilitating the export of petrochemicals produced by an entity in Iran that is already under US sanctions.

The US also hit a Vietnam-based company with sanctions over its alleged connection with “significant transactions for the transport of petroleum products from Iran.” The sanctions seize any US assets the companies may have and block US citizens from doing business with them.

Dec 17 13:14

Taiwan Says US Has Approved Key Submarine Technology Sale

The United States has issued an export permit for a digital sonar system critical to Taiwan’s indigenous submarine project, a top defense official said Wednesday.

Taipei was notified by Washington on Tuesday that the permit has been granted, vice defense minister Chang Che-ping said during a parliament session.

The digital sonar system and an integrated combat system are two key components Taiwan needs to build its own modern submarines. Chang did not elaborate on the status of the combat system.

Taiwan began construction on a fleet of indigenous submarines last month, the latest move by the out-gunned island to bolster its defenses against an increasingly bellicose Beijing.

Dec 17 13:11

How a Democrat Who Promoted Trump-Russia Collusion Story Got Dragged Into 'Chinese Spy' Scandal

A story about an alleged Chinese spy rubbing shoulders with prominent US politicians was broken by Axios in early December – it was the result of a year-long investigation. Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel has shed light on the US mainstream media’s sudden interest in the Democrat’s longstanding ties with China.

California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell found himself caught up in a spy scandal after an investigation by Axios journalists revealed he was being targeted by an alleged Chinese spy named Fang Fang, aka Christine Fang.

Fang was a student at California State University East Bay and is said to have developed extensive ties with US policy-makers, including one congressman, between 2011-15. She subsequently attracted the attention of the FBI, who placed her under surveillance. According to Axios, US authorities believe Fang's major aim was to gather political intelligence and "to influence rising US officials on China-related issues."

Dec 17 13:03

German Cabinet Passes 5G Security Bill Avoiding Huawei Ban

The German government approved an IT security bill on Wednesday that does not explicitly ban Huawei from supplying components for its 5G high-speed internet.

The legislation, which will now go to parliament, requires that suppliers guarantee their equipment will not be used for spying. Washington has threatened to stop sharing intelligence with Germany if it does not bar the Chinese tech giant from its 5G rollout plan.

Dec 17 12:29

China just did what only two other countries have ever done before

China has moved at breakneck speed with its Chang’e 5 mission to the Moon. The Chinese space agency landed its hardware on the Moon on December 1st, and the four-part spacecraft performed exactly as expected, with the lander collecting lunar surface material and transferring it to the “ascender” unit.

Now, roughly two weeks after the mission arrived at the Moon, those precious lunar samples have arrived on Earth. China’s state-run media announced that the returner spacecraft had delivered the sample capsule to its landing site in Inner Mongolia in the early morning hours of Thursday, completing an incredible mission and accomplishing something that only the United States and Russia have done before.

Dec 17 12:27

Chang’e 5 moon mission gives China ‘unequalled record’ in lunar landings

Ken MacTaggart popped a Tsingtao beer as he watched the Chang’e 5 re-entry capsule land on the snow-covered grassland of Inner Mongolia on Thursday morning, with its “priceless cargo” of rocks and dust from a young volcano on the moon.

MacTaggart, a British-based space historian and co-editor of Nasa’s Apollo 11 Flight Journal, has been closely following the Chinese moon mission. He could not help but compare it with previous efforts by other countries to bring samples back to Earth – most recently 44 years ago – and he was impressed.

Dec 17 10:14

The Bidens have a China problem.

Dec 17 07:37

Another CCP Win


Dec 17 06:57

Hunter Biden sent Chinese energy tycoon Ye Yianming 'best wishes from the entire Biden family' and asked for $10 million 'quickly' in 2017 email

President-elect Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden sent Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming 'best wishes from the entire Biden family' and asked for $10 million 'quickly,' an email released by his business partner shows.

The June 18, 2017 email was among the trove of documents newly released by former Biden family confidante Tony Bobulinski, who was copied on the email, the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

Biden sent the email to introduce Ye to Bobulinski, who had been tapped to be the public face of their nebulous new venture SinoHawk Holdings, and request an injection of cash from Ye, then the chairman of CEFC China Energy.

Dec 16 08:38

Grassley: ‘Hunter and James Biden Essentially Served as Agents of the Communist Government’

Dec 16 07:36

CHINA MITCH: McConnell Has Family Ties to Bank of China, Top Chinese Shipping Firm

As news breaks Tuesday of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s praise for the United States’ election “process” and declaration of “congratulations” for “President-elect Joe Biden,” the Kentucky senator’s extensive family ties to China have resurfaced as a topic of conversation.

McConnell’s marriage into the Chao family dynasty has coincided with a trajectory of ever-increasing personal profit for McConnell and the Chaos, as well as Chinese state business interests.

Dec 16 06:28

Move over Russia! Chinese Caribbean phone spying story gives hint of what’s to come under Biden administration

A US telecoms expert believes China is snooping on Americans’ mobile phones in a number of Caribbean countries. Gary Miller’s claims are either proof of Beijing’s malfeasance, or drumbeats in the US’ march toward a new Cold War.

China allegedly used its second-largest telecoms operator – China Unicom – to send “tens of thousands” of so-called signaling messages to Americans in the Caribbean. These messages are usually used by operators to track phones and assess roaming charges, but Miller, a telecoms security consultant, told the Guardian on Tuesday that in some cases, they can be used for “tracking, monitoring, or intercepting communications.”

Dec 15 08:39

Trump Repeats Threat to Veto NDAA, Says the Bill Is a Gift to China

On Sunday, President Trump repeated his threat to veto the $740 billion 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) after the massive spending bill was passed through both chambers of Congress.


It’s not clear what aspect of the NDAA Trump thinks is a gift to China. The 4,517-page bill includes multiple sections that call for evaluations of Beijing’s activities in Taiwan, Xinjiang, the cyber-realm, space, and other areas. Members of Congress were quick to point out how “tough” the bill is on China.

“President Trump clearly hasn’t read the bill, nor does he understand what’s in it,” Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) said in response to Trump’s tweet. “There are several bipartisan provisions in here that get tougher on China than the Trump Administration has ever been.”

Dec 15 05:48

Why Does China Reportedly Own 180k Acres Of Texas Ranch Land — So Close To THIS?

There’s no way that there’s an innocent explanation for China owning that much land in such a sensitive location.

If it’s confirmed that they did buy it, who the hell approved the sale?

China has reportedly been quietly buying up 180,000 acres of Texas ranchland.

More interesting than the interest they’ve taken on the land is where in Texas it’s located.

It’s right next to the largest training airbase for the USAF, for one thing.

It’s also right along the US-Mexico border… and has a private airfield.

Dec 14 10:40

Chinese capsule with moon rocks begins return to Earth

A Chinese space capsule bringing back the first moon rocks in more than four decades started its three-day return to Earth on Sunday.

The Chang'e 5 lunar probe, which had been orbiting the moon for about a week, fired up four engines for about 22 minutes to move out of the moon's orbit, the China National Space Administration said in a social media post.

The craft's lander touched down on the moon earlier this month close to a formation called the Mons Rumker, an area believed to have been the site of ancient volcanic activity. It collected about 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of samples.

Dec 14 07:26

Chinese State Regulators Hit Alibaba, Tencent With Fresh Fines Under New Anti-Competitive Measures

The news comes as Beijing tightens its crackdown on Chinese tech giants accused of having excessive control of the mainland internet market, leading to the suspension of one of the world's largest initial public offering in decades.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and a unit of Tencent Holdings Ltd were fined due to acquisitions made in an upcoming merger led by the latter firm, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

China's State Administration for Market Regulation will scrutinise a merger between DouYu International Holdings Ltd and Huya Inc aimed at building a game streaming service to compete with Amazon's Twitch, the report read.

Dec 14 07:05

Towards "An Artificial Sun" - Will China Win The Nuclear Fusion Race?

China is on a quest for world domination. Beijing has been making assertive moves into global energy markets for a while now, stepping into energy market power vacuums in largely untapped markets around the world. Chinese president Xi Jinping has made major inroads with his ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, started in 2013, which is a massive-scale, globe-spanning infrastructure development program that now includes approximately 70 countries and international organizations.

Beijing has a lot of irons in the global energy market fire, facing off against Russia for nuclear energy dominance in Africa, ramping up coal-fired capacity abroad while simultaneously touting its lofty decarbonization plans back at home, and now, powering up a brand new, cutting-edge “artificial sun.”

Dec 14 06:33

World's 4th Largest Container Shipping Line Suspends Cargo Bound For South China Ports In Early 2021

Amid widespread reports of infroastructure bottlenecks and traffic jams at various trans-Pacific ports (in addition to the Panama Canal) amid a surge in global trade, CMA-CGM, the world’s fourth-largest container shipping line, has told customers it will not take bookings for cargo due to arrive at ports in southern China over several weeks in early 2021 due to a suspension of service by feeder operators, according to Reuters (feeders collect containers from smaller ports and take them to terminals where they can be loaded onto large vessels).

Dec 13 09:15

China Seems Ready for a Fight Over Taiwan

Dec 13 07:04

Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover

Loyal members of the Chinese Communist Party are working in British consulates, universities and for some of the UK's leading companies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

An extraordinary leaked database of 1.95 million registered party members reveals how Beijing's malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defence firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants.

Most alarmingly, some of its members – who swear a solemn oath to 'guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life...and never betray the Party' – are understood to have secured jobs in British consulates.

Dec 13 06:47

GOP concern grows amid revelations of Democrat ties with China

Dec 12 08:52

OAN BREAKING TRUMP NEWS 5AM 12/12/20- Biden's China Sellout

Dec 12 08:45

US politicians sold out our country to China!

Dec 12 06:17

EXC: Huffy Hunter Expenses Emails – Biden Claims He Is ‘Managing Director’ At Chinese Military-Linked Firm, Demands Massive Cash Reimbursements

CEFC China Energy recently made headlines following a New York Post exposè highlighting how Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s name to ink deals with the Chinese government-linked entity.

The article – ‘Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm’ – also outlines how Joe Biden may have benefitted financially from the deal.

The company, founded by the now-missing Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming, has been identified as collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) since its founding.

CEFC’s PLA ties come through Ye. Even CNN acknowledges it:

Dec 11 12:24

Damning Senate report lays bare ALL the Biden financial connections to Communist China — no Biden can be our president

All of those ‘rumors’ and ‘allegations’ over the past couple of years tying the Biden family to Communist China?

All of the claims during this year’s presidential election cycle that Joe Biden simply cannot be president because he is wholly compromised and owned by China?

The immediate pre-election revelations regarding Hunter Biden’s dad-enabled financial deals made with Communist Chinese ‘business’ entities?

Yeah, those were all exactly true, and a damning new Senate report from the Homeland Security and Finance committees lays out all the details.

In short, what it all means is that there is no way America can allow Joe Biden to ascend to the White House because if he does, China will make so many military, technological and economic advances on our country that it will be overtaken and there won’t be any catching up or going back.

Dec 11 11:19

Hannity gives update on 'bombshell' Chinese spy report

Dec 11 10:01

Chinese and European Media Carry Out Multilateral Cooperation to Achieve Win-Win Results

A statement on strengthening media cooperation issued by China Media Group (CMG) and its European media partners, calling on the Chinese and European media to fulfill their responsibilities as public information disseminators and jointly help the international community to gather a strong force to overcome the pandemic.

The statement was made during the "2020 European Media Partners Cooperation Online Forum" on December 10, hosted by CMG with the theme of "Mutual Trust Dialogue for Win-Win Cooperation".

Twenty-eight delegates from 25 organizations in 16 European countries and China had in-depth discussions on how to strengthen coordination, deepen ties, unite to fight the pandemic, and bring greater confidence to the world through in-depth exchanges.

Dec 10 13:07

China Asks Flight Attendants To Wear Adult Diapers To Prevent COVID-19 Infection

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is advising cabin crew to wear adult diapers as well as avoid using the toilet during flights to destinations with a higher risk of catching COVID-19.

The CAAC made the recommendations for destinations where the rate of infection for the Coronavirus is currently higher than 500 people per million, according to The Independent.

Dec 09 07:10

CodeMonkey shares list of CCP assets in the US

Dec 08 21:48

'National Security Disaster': House Unanimously Passes TPS Amnesty For Hong Kong Residents, Expands Definition Of 'Refugee'

Republicans and Democrats in the House united unanimously to screw over the American people on Monday by passing a bill to give "Temporary Protected Status" (see: long-term amnesty) to Hong Kong residents and redefine "refugee" to mean anyone with "concern" about the "possibility" of political persecution.

Dec 08 09:48

There Is No Chinese Economic Miracle

Dec 08 08:26

Scandal Dogs China’s ‘King of Vaccines,’ Partner to AstraZeneca

As a government regulator sidled into a car, the Chinese pharmaceutical executive handed over a paper bag stuffed with $44,000 in cash.

The executive, Du Weimin, was eager to get his company’s vaccines approved, and he needed help. The official took the money and vowed to try his best, according to court documents.

Several months later, Mr. Du got the greenlight to begin clinical trials for two vaccines. They were ultimately approved, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The government official was jailed in 2016 for taking bribes from Mr. Du and several other vaccine makers. Mr. Du was never charged.

Dec 08 08:08

China’s 'Aircraft-Carrier Killer' Missiles Are the Real Deal

Here's What You Need to Remember: A report in China’s Global Times says the missiles operate as part of an integrated network including satellites, radar, reconnaissance assets and warships. This may or may not be true, yet either way, the world, and especially the United States, is taking the threat very seriously.

Several reports say the often-discussed Chinese “carrier-killer” missiles succeeded in destroying moving ships in recent tests, raising new questions about the threat scope and tactical significance of the weapons.

The Chinese DF-21D and DF-26B missiles have long been on the radar at the Pentagon and even greatly informed ongoing studies and debates about the shape, role and configuration of future aircraft carriers. Now, there may be new evidence that the missiles can actually accomplish the stated goal of tracking and destroying moving targets, something which has been a matter of debate, and uncertainty, for quite some time.

Dec 08 08:07

Americans Should Look at Their Conduct: China Points to US Human Rights Abuses

The People’s Republic of China is rapidly regressing on human rights, returning to the sort of political totalitarianism of the mad "Red Emperor" Mao Zedong. Personal autonomy remains largely unfettered, but Xi Jinping has created an expansive and brutal security state which punishes the slightest criticism of or dissent from his and the Chinese Communist Party’s authority.

There is no excuse for the regime treating the PRC’s 1.4 billion people as automatons. Yet Beijing is ostentatiously extending the same controls to Hong Kong, destroying what once was an oasis of liberty within the Chinese system. The same fate certainly awaits Taiwan if it is swallowed by the colossus next door.

Dec 08 07:39

House Votes to Open US Doors to Hong Kong ResidentsBy AFP

The House of Representatives voted Monday to welcome Hong Kong residents to live temporarily in the United States, vowing to be a beacon for rights as China clamps down in the territory.

The House moved by consensus to issue so-called Temporary Protected Status for five years to Hong Kong residents, meaning that people from the financial hub will have the right to work in the United States and will not be subject to deportation.

The initiative must still be approved by the Senate, but it enjoys support across party lines, unlike a previous bid by Democrats to extend the status to Venezuelans that was effectively blocked by President Donald Trump and his Republican Party.

Dec 08 07:27

'They demolished my house for this?' Residents outraged by the Foxconn factory that fizzled

When Sean McFarlane recently returned to the site where his lifelong home was demolished, he found in its place a retention pond and hundreds of geese perched on a hill.

The quiet scene came as a shock. The Wisconsin village of Mount Pleasant had effectively forced him, his girlfriend and four children from their home in 2017 to make way for a proposed 20m sq ft hi-tech plant owned by the Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn, a plant Donald Trump had said would soon be the “eighth wonder of the world”.

Dec 08 07:24

China & The US Are Facing Off In The Third World

During the Cold War, the Third World was a superpower battleground, as the U.S. and Soviet Union jockeyed for position across the globe. Today, the developing regions are once again an arena for rivalry, this time between the U.S. and China.

As the President Donald Trump era ends, Washington seems, somewhat fortuitously, to have mostly avoided the danger that China might divide it from other advanced democracies in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Yet the struggle for the Third World is only beginning, and Beijing possesses sizable advantages as well as vast ambitions.

Dec 08 07:08

Beijing preparing ‘firm countermeasures’ after US sanctions Chinese officials over Hong Kong

Beijing warned on Tuesday it would take countermeasures, after Washington imposed sanctions on 14 Chinese officials over “an assault against Hong Kong’s democratic processes.”

China will take “firm counter-measures against the malicious actions by the US to safeguard our sovereignty, security, and developmental rights,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters on Tuesday. She also urged Washington to withdraw its decision.

Beijing was prompted to retaliate after the United States on Monday imposed financial sanctions and a travel ban on 14 Chinese officials, accusing them of playing an alleged role in China’s move to disqualify elected opposition legislators in Hong Kong last month. Hong Kong’s government expelled four opposition members from its legislature after China’s parliament gave the city such powers, triggering mass resignations by pro-democracy opposition lawmakers.

Dec 08 07:04

Trump tweets video of Chinese professor claiming that Beijing can swing US policy because it has 'people at the top of America's core inner circle of power' in clip that has been deleted from social media in China

President Donald Trump has tweeted video of a Chinese professor suggesting that China has managed to influence U.S. policy for decades thanks to a special network of relationships with people at the upper echelons of American power.

The video, which had originally been posted on Weibo but has since been removed from Chinese social media according to Fox News, depicts Di Dongsheng, a professor and associate dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University in Beijing.

Tucker Carlson shared a clip at the top of his show on Monday evening.

Dec 08 06:26

Taiwan says faces daily threat as U.S. notifies of new arms sale

Taiwan faces military threats on a daily basis from “authoritarian forces”, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Tuesday, as the United States announced a new $280 million arms sale package to the Chinese-claimed island, the sixth this year.

China expressed anger at the weapons sale, as it always does, threatening unspecified retaliation.

The outgoing Trump administration has ramped up support for the island democracy, with 11 arms sale packages in total, and on Monday the U.S. government notified Congress of the sale of a new Field Information Communications System.

Dec 08 06:23

From the Forever Wars to the Cataclysmic Wars

You may have noticed those U.S. aircraft carrier task forces repeatedly entering the South China Sea to challenge Beijing or the increased arms sales to Taiwan and the special visits high Trump administration officials have paid to that island (another way to challenge the Chinese leadership). I’ll bet, though, that you didn’t notice when the USS John S. McCain slipped into Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of Japan. That “freedom of navigation” float-a-thon that purposely crossed Russia’s claimed maritime border there was ended only when a Russian warship, the Admiral Vinogradov, challenged the Navy destroyer. Or, for that matter, did you notice that American special ops guys, usually associated with the never-ending U.S. war on terror, were firing M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (transported to Romania from a U.S. air base in Germany) 25 miles into the Black Sea as another kind of challenge to the Russians?

Dec 07 13:32

US Navy to Form a Second China-Centered Fleet to Encircle China From the South

The US Navy is moving forward with a plan to add a numbered fleet to the Indo-Pacific as part of its efforts to counter China in the region. The plan would resurrect the First Fleet, which was in operation from 1945 to 1973.

The “administrative requirements” to recommission the First Fleet “are in the final stages of coordination,” Capt. Jereal Dorsey, a spokesman for Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite, told Stars and Stripes. Dorsey said Braithwaite is working with other US military chiefs to ensure the Navy maintains “maritime dominance in an era of great power competition.”

Braithwaite first mentioned the idea during a speech on November 17th. He said the US wants to place a new fleet in the “crossroads between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans” to “have an Indo-Pacom footprint.”