Oct 22 08:59

Under Biden, We’ve Gone From ‘Make America Great’ To ‘Lower Your Expectations’

As the economy falters in the wake of rising inflation, chronic worker shortages, and a deepening supply chain crisis, the rhetoric from the Biden administration and its defenders has shifted from “we’ve got this” to “stop your whining.” Is this what Americans bargained for when they ditched Mr. Mean Tweets for Joe “Nexnelsrent” Biden?

A perfect example of this shift is an op-ed by a contributing columnist to the Washington Post – Micheline Maynard – who says that the real problem we face today isn’t skyrocketing prices, bottlenecks at the ports, and empty shelves. It is us spoiled brats.

“American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience,” she writes. “Time for some new, more realistic expectations.”

Maynard’s op-ed, and the Washington Post, took plenty of flak for blaming the victim. But the truth is that it is increasingly the way the White House is talking as well.

Oct 22 08:58

Biden's child tax credit, community college and paid family leave plans may be cut

Like basically every presidential candidate in the last 50 years, Joe Biden talked a big game about boosting the middle class during his campaign. But many of the programs his administration has proposed to give the extra help that most Americans need to survive or thrive are the ones centrist Democrats have forced onto the chopping block.

The problem

Unequal wage growth has left the average worker’s paycheck today with the same purchasing power as the average worker 40 years ago, even as the price of everything has gone up. Meanwhile, attending college is almost three times as expensive — even as more jobs require some form of secondary education. Housing prices continue to rise, but potential buyers struggle to find places they can afford. And the U.S. remains the only country in the industrialized world to offer zero guaranteed paid time off to workers for medical or parental leave.

The promise

Oct 22 07:46


The White House has a plan to “quickly” vaccinate 28 million children! The children the government has targeted for these shots are aged 5-11.

Pending authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, the United States government will begin pushing hard to get around 28 million children injected with the “vaccine” that is being shown to destroy people’s immune systems.

Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

The shot, which also doesn’t prevent transmission of Covid-19 will be available at pediatricians, local pharmacies, and possibly even at schools, according to the White House, which expects FDA authorization of the Pfizer shot for children – the least likely to fall seriously ill or die from the virus, in a matter of weeks, according to the Associated Press.

Oct 22 07:24

Revealed: Biden rejected way forward in Iran deal talks

Iran’s delay in rejoining talks in Vienna to revive the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement has fueled speculation that the new Ebrahim Raisi government has lost interest in the accord. Its deepened mistrust, optimism about its China option, and confidence that it can weather American sanctions have shaped this conclusion, leaving Washington with no choice but to publicly threaten its own shift to more coercion under an undefined Plan B, the narrative goes.

But new information obtained by Responsible Statecraft reveals that that impasse is not because of an Iranian sense of immunity to pressure, but largely because President Joe Biden refused to commit to keeping sanctions lifted on Iran for the rest of his term, even if Iran rejoins and complies with the nuclear deal.

Oct 22 07:15

Joe Biden falsely claims to CNN town hall that just two million Americans had received COVID vaccine when he took over from Donald Trump - even though the actual figure was 16 million

President Joe Biden has falsely claimed that just two million Americans had received a COVID vaccine when he replaced Donald Trump, even though the true figure was eight times higher - 16 million.

At a CNN town hall Thursday evening, the president claimed: 'When I first was elected, there were only two million people who had COVID shots in the United States of America.

'Now we got 190 million because I went out and bought everything I could do and buy in sight and it worked,' he claimed.

Oct 22 07:14

BUMBLING BIDEN: US President delivers bizarre speech while spruiking infrastructure plan

Oct 22 07:13

'He's not all there': Critics slam Biden's bumbling infrastructure speech

Oct 22 07:12

Biden to campaign with McAuliffe in home stretch of Virginia governor’s race

McAuliffe’s campaign announced Thursday that Biden will headline a rally at Virginia Highlands Park in Arlington on Tuesday evening.

The appearance will mark the second time that the president has campaigned in the state for McAuliffe, a longtime friend who held the state’s Executive Mansion from 2014 to 2018. Virginia prohibits its governors from serving consecutive terms, and McAuliffe is only the second to seek a comeback since the Civil War.

Biden won Virginia by 10 points over President Donald Trump last year, but his approval in the state has plunged since the military’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and as Biden has failed to get Democrats in Congress to advance his domestic agenda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may backfire on McAuliffe if Biden goes off on one of his demented rants.

Oct 22 07:01

Texas, Missouri Sue Biden Administration to Continue With Building Border Wall

One of Biden's first actions as US president in January was to sign an executive order halting all border wall projects leftover from Trump's administration. Nevertheless, the country has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented influx of illegal migrants from Latin America, stretching the resources of all border states and federal agencies.

The attorneys general of Missouri and Texas have joined to bring a new lawsuit against the Biden administration over border security measures, attempting to compel the government to resume construction of the southern border wall amid the ongoing crisis.
Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Ken Paxton of Texas argued in their statements on Thursday that the administration's decision to halt construction of the wall when President Joe Biden took office redirected funds appropriated for the project, violating the separation of powers and the Constitution's Take Care Clause.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"What's a Constatushun?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 22 06:45

A Display Of Contempt

Joe Biden’s administration insists that it wants to improve America’s badly frayed bilateral relationship with Russia. However, the president’s recent choice of an envoy for that task, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, strongly suggests a lack of sincerity on Washington’s part. Nuland was in Moscow for talks with senior Russian officials, including presidential aide Yury Ushakov, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, and President Vladimir Putin’s deputy chief of staff, Dmitry Kozak, October 11-13. Before she could even depart for her trip, though, the Kremlin had to lift a travel ban and other sanctions it had imposed on Nuland. That move occurred as part of a deal in which the United States lifted similar restrictions on Konstantin Vorontsov, a high-level foreign ministry official.

Oct 22 06:44

Biden Says United States Would Come to Taiwan’s Defense

The US has long tried to avoid directly needling China over Taiwan, by taking a position of ambiguity as to whether the US would immediately go to war to prevent a Chinese takeover of the island. President Biden has done away with that ambiguity now, however, saying he absolutely would go to war over Taiwan.

Biden summed up his statement with “I don’t want a cold war with China. I just want China to understand that we’re not going to step back, that we’re not going to change any of our views.”

That’s an unfortunately common US stance to take, not wanting a war but ruling out any discussions or flexibility to avoid one. While the US was nominally worried China would blunder without such a stance, the greater risk is the US blundering into a war through sheer stubbornness.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Joe.

Oct 22 06:32

National School Board Association head talked to White House for WEEKS before asking to rein in ‘domestic terrorist’ parents

Leaders of the US National School Board Association failed to consult their own board and were in touch with the White House before publishing a letter with a call to label unruly parents as “domestic terrorists," emails reveal.

In a letter to President Joe Biden last month, the NSBA insisted that the classification of parents’ disruptive actions at school board meetings “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” calling on Biden to direct the Justice Department to apply the Patriot Act “in regards to domestic terrorism” wherever possible.

On Thursday, a trove of NSBA emails obtained by Parents Defending Education through a public information request revealed that the president of the association, Viola Garcia, and CEO Chip Slaven had been communicating with the White House for weeks before the final version of the controversial letter was sent out to the media.

Oct 22 06:28

Biden defies longstanding US policy by telling CNN town hall he WOULD defend Taiwan if it was attacked by China, forcing White House to issue 'clarification' contradicting president

White House advisers were forced to 'clarify' a comment by Joe Biden that the US would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack by China, in breach of a longstanding policy that states otherwise.

'Yes,' he responded when asked in a CNN town hall about defending Taiwan. 'We have a commitment to that.'

Biden's statement was at odds with the long-held US policy known as 'strategic ambiguity,' where Washington helps build Taiwan's defenses but does not explicitly promise to come to the island's help in the event of an attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Joe.

Oct 22 06:26

Biden REPEATS his debunked claim that his multi-trillion dollar spending plan costs nothing and says people don't understand what's in it

Joe Biden repeated his questionable claim Thursday night that his multi-trillion spending plan will not cost anything, which some experts have called 'delusional.'

The president made the remark at the top of his town hall meeting on CNN, saying: 'By the way, all this paid for. Every single penny. It's not going to raise one single cent.'

Biden also acknowledged that his congressional agenda is hard to understand. He has two pieces of legislation he's pushing: his infrastructure plan that funds traditional projects like roads, bridges and airports and he has a second plan that focuses on social programs. That second plan has been called a budget package, a reconcilitation bill, and his Build Back Better bill.

Oct 22 05:57

'I guess I should go down': Joe Biden gives lukewarm answer when grilled about why he hasn't visited southern border during CNN town hall: Insists he's been too busy inspecting hurricane damage and 'traveling around the world'

President Joe Biden said he 'guesses' he should check out the southern border for himself in a town hall Thursday night, days after new data revealed that a record number of migrants were taken into US custody this year.

Asked by Cooper if he should go down to the border amid record crossings and condemnation of his strategy to tackle illegal immigration, Biden said: 'I've been there before ... I know it well ... I guess I should go down.'

He cited recent hurricanes and world travel as reasons why he hasn't had 'a whole hell of a lot of time to get down.

Oct 22 05:54

Fact Check: Biden Claims He Brought Country Back from Brink of Financial Collapse

CLAIM: “Under my Administration, we’ve gone from the brink of financial collapse to historic job growth. We have a lot of work to do still – but this is progress,” President Joe Biden tweeted Thursday.

Verdict: False.

Jobless claims remain well above their expected long-term average of 270,000 and never once during Biden’s administration did they fall below 300,000 prior to this month. Total employment remains below its prepandemic level and the prime-age employment to population ratio is still depressed.

Oct 21 11:41

Joe Biden & The Disappearing Elephant: How To Make A Full-Sized Scandal Vanish In Front Of An Audience Of Millions

This week marked the anniversary of one of the greatest political tricks in history: the disappearance of Hunter Biden scandal.

New emails were released that added new details to what was a raw influence peddling operation that netted millions from foreign sources. A new tranche of emails connecting President Joe Biden to key accounts prove just how this political sleight of hand was worthy of Houdini. After all, Houdini only made an elephant disappear. The Bidens made the equivalent to an entire circus disappear in front of an audience of millions.

Oct 21 11:40

In 'Deep Ship'? Biden Weighs National Guard To Address Record Number Of Vessels Off Los Angeles

It's becoming impossible to ignore just how unprepared the Biden administration is in tackling the current shipping crisis and its impact on domestic supply chains and state economies. A significant backlog of container ships continues to pile up at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, even though President Biden issued a directive last week to keep both ports, which account for 40% of all shipping containers entering the U.S., operating on a 24/7 basis. Now the administration is so desperate that they're weighing the use of the National Guard to alleviate stretched supply chains so that Americans will hopefully get their consumer goods before the holidays, according to AP News.

Oct 21 07:04


It is the month of October, and right now many Americans are more scared by the state of our national supply chains than by anything else. Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are truly frightening, and I would very much encourage you to take them seriously.

Our economic infrastructure is failing on a massive scale, and officials are openly admitting that things will get even worse in the months ahead. We are in uncharted territory because none of us has ever seen anything like this before. If our leaders cannot get this fixed, 2022 is going to be a truly nightmarish year.

Of course just last week Joe Biden gave a big speech in which he assured all of us that he was implementing measures that would soon turn things around.

Oct 21 06:32

Some Democrats Want to Give Biden War Powers to Fight China Over Taiwan

There is an ongoing debate between centrist Democrats and progressives in Washington over giving President Biden war powers to go to war with China in the case that Beijing invades Taiwan, Foreign Policy reported on Wednesday.

The centrists are in favor of expanding Biden’s authorities even though any military action against China risks nuclear war, while the progressives favor the current policy.

One Democrat in the House, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA), the House Foreign Affairs Committee vice-chair, made the case to give Biden the war powers in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

Luria’s concern is that if China moves to take Taiwan, getting authorization from Congress would take too long. “So if you can’t act quickly enough, China overwhelmingly takes Taiwan,” she told Foreign Policy.

Oct 20 08:50

"The Bidens": Is The First Family Corrupt, Or Merely Crazy?

If you want insight into how challenging life has become for reporters in the Trump era, take a glance at the author’s note for The Bidens, the controversial new book about the president and his family by Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger.

No journalism is apolitical, but Schreckinger’s approach to investigating the first family is as close as you’ll find in the “moral clarity” era to old-school aspirations to objectivity. This book initially won love from the conservative press because Schreckinger brought the mainstream imprimatur of Politico to confirmation of some of the key emails in the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story. But that enthusiasm may have tailed off when reporters for those outlets read the book, which is also brutal in its treatment of figures like Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and Donald Trump; Schreckinger is an equal-opportunity offender.

Oct 20 08:49

Vice President Harris Confronts a Reality Gap

What sort of gap exists when it comes to American support for Palestinian rights? Is it a generation gap or perhaps a perceptual gap leading to an argument over what is and is not true? This question was suggested, at least in my mind, on 28 September 2021 when Vice President Harris (age 56) paid a visit to George Mason University in northern Virginia. Actually, she was there for reasons that had nothing to do with Palestine or U.S. foreign policy. She was on a public relations excursion to “honor national voter registration day.” I do not know why her staff chose this venue, but it being a university, they built in a brief Q & A session.

Oct 20 08:08

Biden Caves to Unions Again, Sabotaging Consumers

From Christmas toys to clothing and auto parts, shortages of imported products are forcing factories to idle, store shelves to sit empty and consumers to panic. What else is in short supply? The truth about what's causing this economic crisis.

President Joe Biden, who brags about running "the most pro-union administration in history," won't admit that longshoremen's unions are holding the nation hostage, refusing to allow the use of automated equipment to unload container ships and get the goods onto trucks faster.

The U.S. is the world's largest importer, but its major ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, rank a dismal 328 and 333, respectively, in the World Bank's Container Port Performance Index. That means nightmare inefficiency worse than most developing countries. Not one U.S. port made it into the top 50 for speed and efficiency. In contrast, Japan's Yokohama port ranks No. 1.

Oct 20 05:48

REVEALED: Biden Admin Smuggles Illegals Into Country

Planeloads of underage migrants are being secretly flown into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The NY Post reported.

The charter flights have been underway since at least August, according to sources familiar with the matter. The flights originate in Texas, where the worsening border crisis has overwhelmed local immigration officials. Last week, The Post reported seeing planes land at the Westchester County Airport, where most of the passengers who exited appeared to be children and teens, with a small portion appearing to be men in their 20s.

Oct 19 12:52

Psaki ADMITS Thousands Of Migrants Are Being Flown Into The US In The Middle Of The Night

Oct 19 09:56

Biden Regime Caught Shipping Underage Migrants to New York State in the Dead of Night

Joe Biden has secretly been flying underage migrants to New York state for resettlement in the dead of night.
The US is expecting 400,000 migrants to cross into the US this month, a new record under Joe Biden. The migrants are being shipped across the US after they cross the open US border with Mexico.

The Daily Mail reported:

Hundreds of underage migrants are being secretly flown from Texas to New York for resettlement by the Biden administration, an investigation has learned.

TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kinney County Texas Sheriff Coe Announces Historic Plan to Deputize Local Citizens to Fight Back Against Biden Border Invasion — LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT AT 8:30 Eastern!

The programme is an effort by the White House to resettle migrants across the state, according to the New York Post, and comes amid the on-going border crisis that has overwhelmed immigration officials this summer.

Oct 19 09:40

Psaki Dodges Reporter’s Question About Joe And Jill Biden Breaking D.C.’s Mask Rule

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged questions about President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden breaking D.C.’s mask mandates when both were recently spotted in a restaurant walking around with no masks..

Washington, D.C. has had an indoor mask mandate since July.

Psaki Dodges

Fox News’ Senior White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki about the incident, in which a patron recorded the Bidens walking around in the restaurant without masks on.

“There is a mask requirement inside D.C. restaurants yet President Biden and the first lady were not wearing masks while walking around a D.C. restaurant on Saturday,” Doocy said.

“Why?” he asked

Oct 19 07:38

Tax The Rich? More Like CRUSH The Poor

Under a new Biden administration proposal, the Internal Revenue Service is three times more likely to audit a citizen making less than $25,000 instead of someone in the top 1 percent of wealth.

The new proposal, which would need financial institutions to annually report customers’ account deposits and withdrawals at $600 or more, provides the IRS more leverage over those making less than $25,000 because they are more prone to have irregular income. Over the next decade, the reporting on over 140 million bank accounts would raise an approximated $700 billion in tax revenue, covering social spending in the Reconciliation Bill.

Oct 19 07:12

Joe Manchin Standing Up To Biden's Outrageous Desires

Moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin will support Joe Biden's flagship child tax credits policy, but only if the existing program is made markedly less generous, sources reveal.

The West Virginia senator insisted that if the program is to continue into 2022, it must have a firm work requirement to try and deter recipients from using it as their sole means of income.

Manchin also wants the program only to be made available to families with an income of $60,000 or below, a huge reduction on the current earnings cap.

Oct 19 06:20

Jesse Watters reveals what's really in Biden's massive spending plan

Oct 19 05:58

Biden Caught Red Handed Breaking DC COVID Restrictions

Joe and Jill Biden dined out in Washington DC on Saturday night for the first time since moving to the White House - and immediately broke the city's mask mandate.

The president and first lady were seen at Fiola Mare, a seafood restaurant popular with the political set in the Georgetown area of the city.

"Per CDC guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser's executive order, all individuals over age 2 are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status," the restaurant announces on its website.

Oct 19 05:48

Biden's Guy To Enforce Border Law Is A Known Rule-Breaker

President Biden's pick to head Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will face scrutiny from senators at his confirmation hearing next week, and immigration hawks are raising concerns regarding what they call his "downright dangerous" record opposing police cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

In April, Chris Magnus, a police chief in Tucson, Arizona, was chosen by Biden to lead the agency that manages Border Patrol and is the agency at the frontlines of defending America's borders. His confirmation hearing is set for Tuesday and is attracting particular scrutiny due to the ferocious and continuing disaster at the southern border.

Oct 19 05:42

Video: Nurse Refuses Injection. Compares Vaccine Passports to Yellow Star

Nurse Luba refuses the COVID-19 vaccine and tells her story.

From the hospital where she’s currently suspended, a negative PCR test result twice a week is a requirement in lieu of COVID shots.

She has not worked for three weeks now.

Watch the video below.

Oct 19 05:42

White House Still Pushing 'Free' Biden Agenda

President Biden is sticking by his claim that his Build Back Better agenda will cost the average American taxpayer absolutely nothing.

"The cost of the Build Back Better Agenda is $0," the White House tweeted Sunday.

"The President's plan won't add to our national deficit and no one making under $400,000 per year will see their taxes go up a single penny," the declaration read. "It's fully paid for by ensuring big corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 19 05:41

Insanity Or What?

The American government does appear to be insane. They have deliberately antagonized China, Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and Lebanon. Yet they sent so much of their manufacturing capacity to China that the US trade deficit is $73.3 billion a month. That means we have to finance wars for Israel and Wall Street by selling bonds to China to buy war materiel from them. The result is that we can only fight a war against China if the Chinese are willing to sell us war supplies on a dodgy credit card.

Is that insane or what? National suicide? A plan to lose WW III? What are the governing principles of the actions of Washington?

Russia has hypersonic missiles. Even Iran has Mach 14 missiles. America cannot defend against missiles faster than Mach 9. On the day we learned that China tested a new space shuttle, Major General Jo Clyborne was tweeting about Pentagon manicure regulations.

Oct 18 10:36

Hilarious Video: Psaki Defends Biden's Cognitive Decline

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called out NBC News Kelly O'Donnell for always asking about Joe Biden's health, as she dodged questions from another reporter about when the president will be physically examined.

Video from the briefing shows Psaki fielding questions from Playboy reporter Brian Karem as she donned a face mask and prepared to leave the White House briefing room after a gathering with a roomful of journalists.

Oct 18 10:31

Challenges mount to president's vaccine mandate

First there were culture wars over lockdowns, then over face masks, then over face masks in schools. And even as the pandemic appears to be receding, a culture war over vaccine mandates is showing signs of only growing more intense, with Republican governors and legislators launching challenges to rules that, many public health experts say, could help ensure there is not another coronavirus surge in the future.

Resistance mounted as soon as President Biden rolled out the new mandate on Sept. 9. The mandate, which targets any business with more than 100 employees, is expected to cover some 80 million workers across the country. It won’t go into effect until federal regulators issue a rule, which is expected to happen soon.

Oct 18 09:54

Tucker: I'm stunned

Tucker Carlson joins Judge Jeanine to discuss the disastrous consequences of Biden's weak leadership

Oct 18 08:17

Trucking industry not confident in Biden's 24/7 port plan

Supply chain players on various fronts told CCJ that they have little confidence in President Joe Biden’s initiative to alleviate congestion at the nation’s busiest ports.

The White House announced Wednesday that the president’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force had paved the way for 24/7 operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The White House reports that both ports “are the point of entry for 40% of containers to the U.S., and are on track to reach new highs in container traffic this year.”

Major companies that rely heavily on those ports – like FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Home Depot and Target – have pledged to step up afterhours operations, which comes as welcome news following a failed 24-hour pilot program at the Port of Long Beach last month.

Oct 18 08:16

Biden Admin Threatens To Make Unvaxx'd Navy SEALs Repay Their Training Costs

Trying to bully people like this? Really?

Oct 18 07:00

What's Next For Washington: $2.5 Trillion In Spending, Higher Taxes And More

Full disclosure: This is NOT another tea leaf reading on exactly how and when Congress will manage to raise the debt ceiling, keep the government open, and pass a multitrillion-dollar package of spending offset by tax hikes. To be clear, we continue to think that it will do all of the above. But rather than focus on the palace intrigue, we’ll deal with DC’s policy choices in classic Morgan Stanley Research fashion…by focusing on tangible market impacts.

Oct 18 06:59

China Condemns US & Canada For Joint Warship Sail Throughs Of Taiwan Strait

The Pentagon revealed on Sunday that it sailed a US warship through the contested Taiwan Strait in conjunction with a Canadian frigate. The pair went through on Thursday and Friday at a moment tensions between China and Taiwan continue to intensify.

The warships were identified in the US military statement as Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Dewey and the Canadian frigate HMCS Winnipeg. "Dewey's and Winnipeg's transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to a free and open Indo-Pacific," the US military statement said.

This continues the apparent Biden administration pattern of sailing a warship through the strait on "freedom of navigation" missions about once every month. This latest comes within weeks after China's PLA military flew record numbers of aircraft into Taiwan's air defense identification zone.

Oct 18 06:27

Tucker: This is the most cynical anti-democratic exercise in American politics

Tucker Carlson joins Judge Jeanine to discuss the disastrous consequences of Biden's weak leadership

Oct 18 06:20

Dem lawmaker wants to expand trend of ceding war powers to the president

Should Congress authorize war with China in order to prevent war with China? It doesn’t take a legal scholar or policy expert to know the correct answer is a resounding “no.” Yet that is precisely what Representative Elaine Luria (D-Va.) is arguing in a new op-ed in the Washington Post.

This is flawed and problematic on multiple levels. First, there’s the baffling legal analysis. Complaining that the president’s “hands” are “legally tied,” Rep. Luria warns that “the president has no legal authority, without the express authorization of Congress, to use military force to defend Taiwan,” citing the War Powers Resolution and Taiwan Relations Act. In fairness, she is completely correct that the president does not have such unilateral authority, but she has ignored the fundamental reason why: because the U.S. Constitution says so.

Oct 18 05:46

Joe and Jill are filmed breaking DC's mask mandate by walking through upmarket Italian restaurant without masks on

Joe and Jill Biden dined out in Washington DC on Saturday night for the first time since moving to the White House - and promptly broke the city's mask mandate.

The president and first lady were seen at Fiola Mare, a seafood restaurant popular with the political set in the Georgetown area of the city.

'Per CDC guidance and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser's executive order, all individuals over age 2 are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status,' the restaurant states on its website.

Oct 17 09:37

DOJ Hits Back At Biden, Declares It’s Independence

“Should they be prosecuted by the Justice Department?” the reporter pressed.

“I do, yes,” the president said.

The Department of Justice was not thrilled with the president’s statement and DOJ spokesperson Anthony Coley made it known that the department will not be told what to do.

“The Department of Justice will make its own independent decisions in all prosecutions based solely on the facts and the law. Period. Full stop,” he said.

Oct 16 06:26

Another Day, Another Blunder: Psaki to ‘Choose Words More Carefully’ After Ethics Watchdog Complaint

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), an ethics watchdog, slammed Jen Psaki's comments from the White House podium as appearing to violate the Hatch Act, which forbids officials from using their "official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election".

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who is no stranger to verbal faux pas while in an official capacity, has promised to "choose my words more carefully".

The contrite response was prompted by a Friday complaint from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The non-profit claimed she had violated the 1939 Hatch Act.

Oct 15 10:01

Biden Begs OPEC and US Oil Companies to Pump More Oil as Prices Surge After He Cracked Down on US Production (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s first action as president after inauguration was to shut down construction of the Keystone Pipeline and eliminating an estimated.52,100 American jobs in the process.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

If you thought this was because they are principled leaders you would be wrong. Biden later approved a Russian pipeline and an oil pipeline to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon.

Today oil prices in America are surging as a result of Joe Biden’s insane energy policies. The price of gas has spiked 42% in the last year.

Oct 15 10:01

Biden says private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect ‘soon’

In a brief, six-minute address to the nation, President Biden on Thursday said that his private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect “soon” to address the “unacceptably high number” of people who don’t want to be vaccinated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biden's impersonation of Hitler is going to backfire. We are already seeing a large segment of the population prefer being unemployed to being vaccinated, and a more wide-ranging (not to mention illegal) mandate will simply accelerate the process.

Oct 15 09:55

Are the Good Times Over for Joe?

“When sorrows come,” said King Claudius, “they come not single spies but in battalions.” As the king found out. So it seems with President Joe Biden, who must be asking himself the question Merle Haggard asked:

“Are the good times really over for good?”

Consider the critical issue with voters today: the state of the economy.

Inflation in September stood at 5.4% year on year.

With prices of food and fuel rising, the supply chains for goods entering the country and headed for stores, shelves and showrooms before Thanksgiving and Christmas are clogged. Container ships are backed up in ports, waiting to unload on both coasts. Many of the trucks to carry the goods to inland markets sit idle for lack of drivers.

The latest employment figures show 10.4 million U.S. jobs going begging in August as 4.3 million workers dropped out of the labor force.

Oct 15 06:08

Biden Walks Away AGAIN without Taking Questions After Falsely Claiming Vaccine Mandates Had Nothing to do with Southwest Airlines’ Flight Cancelations (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on his administration’s Covid vaccination efforts.

“Let’s be clear. Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us,” Biden said as he announced the Labor Department will issue an emergency rule for companies with 100 or more employees to implement vaccination requirements.

Biden also said Covid vaccines for children ages 5-11 will likely be approved soon.

“If authorized, we are ready. We have purchased enough vaccines…Families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected as well,” he said.

Oct 15 06:00

US Asks Russia to Remove Missiles ‘Violating’ Treaty Which Washington Unilaterally Scrapped

The United States unilaterally pulled out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 2019 after accusing Moscow of breaching its terms. Moscow dismissed the allegations, and took the unprecedented step of declassifying the characteristics of the alleged Russian ‘INF-violating missile’. The US pulled out of the agreement anyway.

Russia should remove missiles which violate the terms of the INF Treaty from Europe, US special envoy for nuclear nonproliferation Jeffrey Eberhardt has said.

“Russia has already violated the INF by deploying the missiles. Therefore the solution is for Russia to remove them,” Eberhardt told Sputnik, after being asked to clarify the Biden administration’s position on the Russian initiative to introduce a moratorium on the deployment of medium- and shorter-range missiles in Europe.

Oct 15 05:53

Biden has let 160,000 illegal immigrants into the US in the past few months. When will he level with Americans as to why?

Is it to garner more votes for the Democrats, as many think, or does the open border debacle suggest that America may be on the verge of some cataclysmic change, such as happened in 1917 in Russia?

Since the Democrats took control of the White House, illegal migrants have been pouring into the country. What would motivate politicians to implement such a self-defeating policy that will harm everyone equally?

This week, Fox News made a disturbing discovery that does not bode well for the American people and the future of their great nation. Since March, 160,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border into the United States, where they are then sent to various communities around the country, often without an ounce of oversight.

Oct 15 05:36

Nolte: Biden White House Spreads Lie that Inflation Is ‘High Class Problem’

White House chief of staff Ron Klain is spreading the lie that inflation and the supply chain snarl are “high class problems,” which means we’re lucky to have them.

On Wednesday, some Harvard idiot (excuse me for repeating myself) named Jason Furman tweeted, “Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems. We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent.”

He added that “We would instead have had a much worse problem.”

Klain heartily agreed.

Oct 15 05:35

Bidenflation: Supply Chain Inflation Rockets to 23.9%, Final Demand at Record 8.6%

A key measure of inflation jumped 8.6 percent in September compared to a year ago, the largest advance since the Labor Department began calculating annual changes in producer prices under the current system in 2010. And a measure of inflation further out in the supply chain jumped 23.9 percent compared with a year ago.

The Producer Price Index for final demand rose 0.5 percent in September, a slowdown after the 0.7 percent gain in August. Compared with a year ago, the Producer Price Index is up 8.6 percent, higher than the 8.3 percent rise reported a month ago.

Prices for materials for durable goods manufacturing rose 1.9 percent for the month and are up a shocking 53 percent year over year. Components rose 0.8 percent on a monthly basis and are up 7.9 percent annually.

Oct 15 05:18

Tucker, Candace Owens break down 'bizarre' Kamala Harris video

Oct 15 05:17

Watch: Chinese Refugee Says Biden's DOJ Reminds Her Of Home

A Virginia mom who endured Mao’s Cultural Revolution before immigrating to the U.S. said compared National School Boards Association and the Justice Department tactics similar to ones she saw Communist China use to stop parents from speaking out.

"When I was in China, I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I'm very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage," Xi Van Fleet commented to Fox News. "All this is happening here in America."

Oct 14 13:10

Watch: Liberal Media Abandoning Biden As Polls Plummet

It seems that Democrats are increasingly nervous about the fate of the Biden presidency. Previous conventional wisdom—that Biden had simply hit a rough patch—is being replaced by a more anguished debate.

Each poll has been dutifully reported, each setback adequately chronicled. But there was no sense of critical mass, as with yesterday’s Politico headline:

"‘The President’s Decline is Alarming’: Biden Trapped in Coronavirus Malaise."

Biden’s problem branches out farther and deeper than the press, but his unusually low media profile isn’t helping him. The president grants few interviews, takes questions a couple of times a week, and seems uninterested in driving a consistent media message. So the story becomes about vaccine mandate battles or Hill gridlock or Haitian migrants, with Biden and his team

playing catch up or, worse, looking like bystanders.

Oct 14 10:22

'Shouldn't be allowed out of bed!' Joe Biden humiliated following bizarre rambling speech

JOE BIDEN was humiliated by an Australian TV host and told he "shouldn't be allowed out of bed" following a rambling speech which has prompted observers to speculate on the President's health.

Oct 14 10:21

White House: Walmart, FedEx, UPS to go 24/7 to address supply bottlenecks

Major goods carriers Walmart, FedEx and UPS will move to working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to address the global supply chain bottlenecks, the White House announced on Wednesday.

The White House announced the update ahead of President Biden’s meeting with stakeholders, including Walmart CEO John Furner, FedEx Logistics CEO Udo Lange and UPS President of U.S. Operations Nando Cesarone, to discuss collective efforts to address global transportation supply chain bottlenecks on Wednesday.

“The supply chain is essentially in the hands of the private sector, so we need the private sector to step up to help solve these problems. Three of the largest goods carriers in the country, Walmart, FedEx and UPS, will make commitments towards moving to 24/7, working during off peak hours,” a senior administration official said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is something odd about this. Why do these companies need to wait for Biden to state the obvious need for 24/7 operation? Or had these companies already decided to lengthen their hours and Biden is trying to take credit for it.

Oct 14 10:17

White House Releases Announcement That's Nostalgic To Those Who Grew Up In The 30's

White House officials, struggling to relieve global supply bottlenecks suffocating U.S. ports, highways, and railways, warn that Americans may suffer higher prices and some empty shelves this Christmas season.

The supply crisis, prompted in part by the global COVID-19 pandemic, not just threatens to dampen U.S. spending at a critical time it further poses a political risk for President Joe Biden.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos survey reveals that the economy is the most important issue for Democrats and Republicans alike.

Oct 14 07:25

Black Voters Now See How Wrong They Were On Biden

Democrats are targeting black voters in Virginia ahead of the much anticipated gubernatorial race, sending top surrogates to spur voters as national trends signal the group souring on President Joe Biden.

“Turnout is going to be very important,” insisted pollster and Democratic strategist Brad Bannon, pointing to party efforts in the state targeting heavily African American areas where Biden won the 2020 presidential election by large margins.

Oct 14 07:25

The Economy Sucks And The Latest Variant Didn't Help

Thirty-eight percent of households in the United States reported facing severe financial obstacles in the past few months as attempts to rise from the socio-economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a national poll published on Tuesday by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Even with billions of dollars in aid from both federal and state governments, "what we have here is a lot of people who are still one step from drowning financially," said Robert Blendon, emeritus professor of health policy and political analysis at the Harvard Chan School.

Oct 14 07:23

When Are Secrets Not Secret?

Last week, President George W. Bush’s torture regime reared its head in an unusual argument before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2002, Abu Zubaydah was captured by a militia in Pakistan and handed over to the CIA, which brought him to Poland where, under the supervision of CIA agents and American psychologists, he was brutally tortured until his removal to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba in 2006.

The Bush administration argued that Zubaydah was a high-ranking member of al-Qaida who possessed information needed to fight the war on terror. After his torture produced no actionable information, the CIA told the Department of Justice and the Senate that Zubaydah was not a member of al-Qaida, and it had no evidence of wrongdoing by him.

His lawyers filed a criminal complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against the CIA, its psychologists and the Polish intelligence agents who carried out the torture.

Oct 14 07:20

Luria’s plea to give Biden full authority to attack China is folly

A Democratic congresswoman wants to allow President Biden to bypass the legislative branch in order to have full authority to respond militarily in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

In an op-ed published in the Washington Post on Tuesday, Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) calls for a debate over the Republican-sponsored Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act (TRA). This proposed bill would no longer require the president to consult with Congress first before responding to a clear threat against Taiwan, as established in the long-standing Taiwan Relations Act. Under this proposed legislation, the president would be entirely free to declare war on China, without any input from America’s representatives.

Oct 14 06:38

Biden plans to allow some Afghan civil servants from Taliban's 1996-2001 regime to enter the US by exempting them from terrorism entry restrictions

Joe Biden plans to exempt certain Afghan civil servants who were employed by the Taliban from terror-related bans on entering the U.S., a draft document obtained by Fox News reveals.

A new memorandum from the administration, which was reviewed and revealed in a Wednesday report, shows that some Afghans employed by the Taliban government from 1996-2001 will not be subject to the same travel restrictions to the U.S. as other terrorism-related inadmissibility grounds (TRIG).

'Many individuals who worked in civil service positions before the declaration of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 1996 continued to do so after the declaration,' the document states. 'Some did so under duress or other situations of hardship.'

Oct 14 06:37

Tucker: This is happening all over the country

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host explores why 'Lets go Brandon' chants are popping up around nation

Oct 14 06:36

Tucker: Biden paints unvaccinated Americans as root cause of country's problems

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, the unvaccinated created the border crisis. The unvaccinated botched the Afghanistan withdrawal. The unvaccinated suspended deportations. The unvaccinated pushed the green agenda that destroyed jobs. The unvaccinated put Drag Queen Story Hour and pornographic books into the public schools. The unvaccinated destroyed our energy independence by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oct 14 06:23

Two Americas: Poll Shows 44% of Voters Support FBI Targeting Anti-CRT Parents, 47% Oppose

A plurality of American voters oppose the Biden administration’s move to investigate parents publicly opposing school policies, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday found.

This month, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he is directing the FBI to investigate parents opposing radical school policies, such as CRT, in order to combat supposed “threats of violence” against administrators. The move followed example after example of impassioned parents directly confronting school boards over their radical agenda items.

However, a plurality of likely voters disagree with Garland’s move. According to the survey, 47 percent oppose the federal investigation. Of those, 39 percent “strongly” oppose it. Another 44 percent support the decision, and among those, just over a quarter “strongly” support it.

Oct 14 06:21

Jim Banks Reveals the ‘Mind-Blowingly Corrupt’ Carveouts in $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

The RSC contended in a press release Tuesday that Democrats plans to hide the bill text to prevent Americans from knowing how radical the bill is.

“They’ve played ‘hide the ball’ with the bill text so as not to tip off the public as to what they’re putting in their bills. Then, they bring it to the floor and tout some poll numbers and scare their members into voting for it,” the RSC wrote.

The RSC noted the bill would:

Oct 14 06:00

Justice Barrett Questions Biden Admin’s ‘Endgame’ in Arguing for Reinstatement of Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence

The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on Wednesday in United States v. Tsarnaev, a case involving the Biden administration’s request that SCOTUS reinstate a death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The case is an unusual example of what some in the legal community have called “cognitive dissonance,” in which the Biden administration is advocating a position that is in clear conflict with its stated policy goals.

Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Elena Kagan, John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, Sonia Sotomayor posing for the camera: The nine Supreme Court justices pose for a group picture in 2021© Provided by Law & Crime The nine Supreme Court justices pose for a group picture in 2021

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can someone get this to the Supreme Court?

Oct 14 05:55

The EPA head shows who’s really in charge in America

Michael Regan is the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. His job makes him a subset of the Executive branch but you’d never know that from his threat to Congress: If the legislators don’t give him the legislation he wants, he’d go ahead and do what he wants without them. This is a shocking usurpation of legislative authority but it’s par for the course in Biden’s Washington, D.C.

When our Founders drafted the Constitution, they were excessively concerned lest one branch of government gain disproportionate power, turning into a tyranny. The Constitution, therefore, spreads out power between the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches, with each institution checking the power of the two others.

Oct 14 05:54

Thanks to Biden’s policies, prepare for a cold, expensive winter

One of the wonders of the modern age is that fossil fuel allows us to avoid freezing in the winter or overheating in the summer. Climate change fanatics, however, who ignore that the Earth’s climate has cycled endlessly between hot and cold for billions of years, desperately want to return us to a pre-modern state. Their efforts are paying off, for the U.S. government is warning of a 54% increase in winter heating bills.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Biden immediately shut down the Keystone Pipeline and ended news drilling on federal lands. While Trump had brought America to energy independence and affordable energy, Biden reduced America to a vassal of oil-producing countries.

Thanks to this policy, gasoline prices keep climbing. In my neighborhood, they’ve increased by almost 78% in just nine months. The same is true everywhere.

Oct 14 05:53

Dementia: Joe Biden Today, My Father Yesterday

When Joe Biden comes onto the TV screen, I switch to another channel. Not because he’s a stark reminder of the fraud that put him into the Oval Office but since he reminds me of my father—may he rest in peace—who passed away in 1992 following several dreadful years with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Americans who have watched a loved one mentally disappear due to this memory eating disease see similar traits with Joe Biden:

Brain freezes - Staring out with a disoriented look - Forgetting names of people he should know - Needing note cards to remember basic answers - Displaced anger - Lost in unfamiliar surroundings - Forgetting who he is, where he is, and why he is there.

That’s Joe Biden today and my father yesterday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 13 15:02

Finally: FBI Closing In On Hunter & Emails Show Joe Was 'Financially Involved'

Experts say that President Joe Biden could become entangled in an FBI investigation of Hunter's finances, as emails show the father and son shared accounts and paid each other's bills.

Emails obtained from Hunter's abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, reveal that Schwerin was working on Joe's taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other's household bills, and even fielding applications for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as overseeing the donation of Joe's senate papers to the University of Delaware.

Oct 13 12:43

As Biden becomes increasingly unpopular, Dems turn to more authoritarian enforcement and suppression

Joe Biden’s polling numbers are tanking, and frankly, we never thought he was somehow going to go on to become the ‘popular president’ he was hailed as being after getting ’81 million votes’ — the ‘most ever’ for a president. -- The bulk of Biden’s votes were manufactured, we are convinced of it; we’ve seen too much evidence to suggest otherwise. And let’s not forget that, during his campaign on those rare occasions he ventured out to actually hold events, he couldn’t draw flies. In fact, he and his ‘vice president,’ Kamala Harris, together have trouble filling venues while Donald Trump, the real president, sells out events and packs venues days in advance, like he did in Iowa over the weekend.

Oct 13 10:59

Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/13/21 FOX Breaking News Today TRUMP BIDEN/October 13, 2021

Oct 13 08:41

Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Abandoned At The Border Under Biden

Over $100 million worth of taxpayer-paid border wall materials have been discarded and are going to waste in Texas after President Biden stopped construction of the barrier when he entered the White House in January and dropped contracts for its construction, according to a report.

Since January, a Fox News drone has captured footage of roughly 10,000 steel panels — enough to produce 100 miles of the wall — rusting in the sun in Pharr, Texas.

Oct 13 08:06

French Finance Minister Issues Declaration of Independence – From the US

"Clear Differences Remain Between France and the U.S, French Minister Says," is the headline to a remarkable piece appearing in the New York Times today. The Minister, Bruno Le Maire, is brutally frank on the nature of the differences as the quotations below Illustrate. (Emphases in the quotations are jvw’s.) In fact, they amount to a Declaration of Independence of France and EU from the US.

It is not surprising that the differences relate to China after the brouhaha over the sale of US nuclear submarines to Australia and the surprising (to the French) cancellation of contracts with France for submarines. Mr. LeMaire, sounding very much like a reproving parent, characterized this as "misbehavior from the US administration."

Mr. LeMaire made it crystal clear that the disagreement over submarines is symptomatic of deeper differences in world view that have emerged not only in France but in the EU as a consequence of China’s rise. The article states:

Oct 13 07:38

Pfizer CEO—Biden’s ‘Good Friend’—Is Privately Working to Tank Drug Price Reforms

Hours after President Joe Biden called Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a “good friend,” Politico revealed that the pharmaceutical executive has been urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate prescription drug prices—a popular proposal that Biden has endorsed.

Politico obtained a copy of a three-minute video message in which Bourla echoes common—and misleading—pharmaceutical industry talking points against the Medicare negotiation plan, which top Democrats are working to include in a budget reconciliation package despite the objections of several Big Pharma-backed lawmakers.

Oct 13 07:30

The ship's sinking, all right

So while the border, which Heels Up Harris is supposed to be overseeing, is in chaos, she instead was wasting her time and ours by putting out an awful "Get Curious" video designed to promote teenage interest in space exploration — but, more importantly, to push Heels Up's own fading brand into the public eye to prop up her diminishing credibility.

The video was put together by not an American company, but instead a Canadian company despite the fact that Biden's own Build Back Better schemes supposedly emphasize full employment via domestic production.

And to make matters even more embarrassing, the very name of the company reflects the rapidly plummeting fortunes of the both Harris and the crumbling Biden administration.

Here is the company logo — 'nuff said!

Oct 13 06:39

Supreme Court Hearings On Palestinian Man Anally Raped and Hung from Hooks By CIA Causes Biden Administration to Tremble

After years of having his case hung up in federal courts, Abu Zubaydah could finally be given the opportunity to tell his story.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing the cause of United States v. Abu Zubaydah, which deals with the largely known details of a Palestinian man who was captured in Pakistan by the CIA and tortured in a barbaric fashion.

In 2002, Zubaydah, a veteran who previously fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, was shot and transferred to the CIA. It is believed that he was transported to CIA black sites, referred to colloquially as “dungeons,” in Poland, Thailand, and other countries, where he was subjected to crimes against humanity.

Oct 13 06:38

The Biden Regime Has a Penchant for Nazi-Style Behavior

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal Gerald Baker reported that Biden regime Attorney General Merrick Garland has a list of “society offenders.” Fuhrer Garland intimates that bad things are in store for “society offenders.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/merrick-garland-list-school-board-electio...

Who are these society offenders? They are parents of school children who object to their kids being taught that they are racist because they have white skins and are responsible for bad things happening to black people. They are parents who question mask mandates for school children. They are parents who oppose vaccination as a requirement for attending school. They are police who refuse to enforce unconstitutional mandates. They are Republican state office holders who are attempting to regularize state voting laws to ensure only citizens who live in the state vote.

Oct 13 06:00

Biden's holiday nightmare: White House warns supply chain will NOT be fixed by Christmas and urges parents to get gifts now - as toy companies race to get trapped dolls out of Chinese warehouses 

The White House is warning American shoppers that they won't be able to get key items like popular kids toys for Christmas due to the ongoing supply chain nightmares that are strangling retail stores.

Stores across the country are becoming increasingly barren thanks to a series of bottlenecks in the global supply chain.

Many goods that are made in China - like toys, clothes, home appliances and more - are stuck either in factories there or in containers on board cargo ships off the coast that are waiting their turn to dock.

Oct 13 05:26

White House Taunts Texas and Florida for Fighting Vaccine Mandates: Joe Biden Will Override State Laws

The White House on Tuesday warned Republican governors of Texas and Florida that President Joe Biden would override their efforts to fight coronavirus vaccine mandates in their states.

“We know that federal law overrides state law,” she said referring to state attempts to ban vaccine passports.

She accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of playing politics by issuing executive orders that fight vaccine passports.

“Why would you be taking steps that prevent the saving of lives that make it more difficult to save lives across the country or in any state?” she asked.

Psaki argued that the governors were “putting politics ahead of public health.”

“Every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic,” she said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday banning any entity in Texas from requiring vaccine mandates for their employees or their customers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Supreme Leader Biden does not actually have that authority. His "mandate" is a press release with no legal backing.

This makes a good case for secession.

Oct 12 15:31

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden could become embroiled in the FBI's probe into Hunter's finances, experts say: Emails reveal they SHARED bank accounts, paid each other's bills and the president may have even have funded his son's 2018 drug and prostitution binge

President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter's finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other's bills.

Emails recovered by DailyMail.com from Hunter's abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe's taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other's household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe's senate papers to the University of Delaware.

It is unclear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the vice president's affairs rather than government officials in the Office of the Vice President.

Oct 12 10:07

Jen Psaki Vaccines will kill you “Freudian slip”

Oct 11 06:56

Tucker: Who is really in charge?

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host sounds off on Biden's 'dazed and confused' conflict with France.

Oct 11 06:53

Another Disaster: Joe Biden’s Economy Adds Meager 194,000 Jobs in September

The U.S. economy added 194,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percent to 4.8 percent, Labor Department reported Friday.

The September numbers are even worse than the disastrous report from August, showing only 235,000 jobs created. (August’s reported gains were revised up, however, from 235,000 to 366,000.)

The sluggish pace of jobs created surprised experts again, as they predicted about 500,000 jobs created, but the economy fell short again.

The jobs numbers were expected to rise significantly in September, as expanded unemployment checks from the federal government expired.

But the report shows that Americans continue to sit on the sidelines as the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to spread.

The labor force participation rate ticked down to 61.7 percent from the 61.8 rate in August, but largely within the average since the pandemic hit.

Oct 11 06:47

Biden's Inflationary Policies Will Be Keenly Felt at Christmas

The Biden Blue Christmas is heading this way. So far, his tenure in the White House has been marked by successive, self-created scandals, especially at the southern border and the totally botched exit from Afghanistan. But the most lasting, broadest policy blunder of all is the Biden economic crisis that will culminate in a holiday season of shortages, frustration, and economic malaise.

Oct 11 06:27

'Even with the assistance of an autocue' Biden is 'utterly incoherent'

Oct 11 06:18

Biden BUSTED As Pfizer ADMITS There’s No Vaccine Approved By FDA In The U.S. In Recorded Call

Susie: So what was approved?

Cindy (Pfizer): Nothing. The license command (inaudible) vaccine has the same formulation as the authorized vaccines, the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines, and the products can be used interchangeably to provide the vaccinations series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not affect safety or effectiveness. Emergency uses of the vaccine have not been approved or licensed by the FDA but have been authorized by the FDA under emergency use authorization to prevent Coronavirus disease and individuals 12 years of age and older. The emergency use of they’re only authorized for the duration of the declarations that circumstances exist justifies authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564b1 of the FD and C act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization is revoked sooner.

Susie: So was the old vaccine approved under the other name?

Oct 11 06:03

How-Now-Slow-Joe? Biden Changing American Traditions & Culture For Political Points

President Biden published a proclamation this week to consider Indigenous Peoples’ Day — the first time a US president had celebrated the holiday.

“On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, our Nation celebrates the invaluable contributions and resilience of Indigenous peoples, recognizes their inherent sovereignty, and commits to honoring the Federal Government’s trust and treaty obligations to Tribal Nations,” Biden wrote in the proclamation made Friday. “Today, we recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and strength as well as the immeasurable positive impact that they have made on every aspect of American society.”

Oct 11 05:57

Biden's Homeland Security Doubles Down On No Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security is stopping the activity on contracts to build a border wall in the embattled Rio Grande Valley — even as migrants from around the world proceed to enter the US from Mexico in massive numbers.

The agency “intends to cancel the remaining border barrier contracts located within US Border Patrol’s (USBP) Laredo Sector and all border barrier contracts located in the Rio Grande Valley Sector,” it announced Friday.

Oct 11 05:48

Trump Presses The Taliban To Give Back What They Stole

Announcing the biggest crowd at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Saturday night, former President Donald Trump said the Biden administration's proposed $10 billion in funding to the Taliban should be only made on the situation it takes back all of the military equipment President Joe Biden left in Afghanistan.

"We want our hostages back, and then we want our equipment back, and then we can start talking about that," Trump told his Save America rally, which opened live on Newsmax.